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OK, is this guy dead or what ?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by doonx, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. #1 doonx, Nov 5, 2006
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  2. I read on another forum that the biker died. That's 3rd hand information so it may well not be reliable!
  3. I would assume so, he got hit pretty hard and he was spinning through the air. I dont like his chances...

    Speaking of which - i updated my 1st aid course today and the lecturer said - "In an acident - Motorcyclists just want to know how their bike is" :grin:
  4. FFS, hopefully the rider survived. Looks like he or she has a leather jacket on at least. Smidsy again :evil:
  5. Seeing stuff like that is seriously scary as a n00b starting out... I dont ever want to do that.

    I dunno if it was just the angle but the rider didn't appear to brake or try to swurve or anything... i know its not easy but it doesnt even look like they reacted.
  6. That was in florida, i do beleive he lived, but got tore up a little bit.
  7. Funny that, the first thing I remember when I regained consciousness in hospital after my big 'off' in 02' was the cop saying "It's ok, your bike is not too bad"..............unfortunately it was a well intentioned lie, it was a write-off.

  8. Watch it closely, as soon as the bike appears in the shot, the rider hits the brakes.
  9. whats also sickening is the rather nonchalant way the 2 people in the Servo seem to just wander toward the rider after seeing exactly what happened. Assholes !
  10. That is what peeved me- the people in the servo and the car drivers just sort of kept going about their business- oh, well, just another ratbag bike rider.....
  11. Rubbish. They didnt keep going about their business.

    (1) lady runs back to tell someone, then goes to check the driver & the other lady
    is running in direction of motorcyclist.

    What do you expect them to lose thier minds & carry on like headless chooks? :roll:
  12. Cheers. The original video can be downloaded here.

    Frame by frame analysis shows 7 bikes lengths from the edge of the screen to the car, travelled over a period of exactly 0.7secs.

    Assuming that the bike is like most sports bikes, and is around 210cm in length, that's a distance of 15 meters in 0.7 secs, or 21.4m/s, or 77kph.

    While it's quite likely that 77kph would've been in excess of the speed limit (in the USA a road like that would likely be sign posted for 35-40mph or 56-64kph), it's not exactly like he would've been travelling at warp speed over the speed limit.

    Still, any intelligent rider would've assessed the situation for what it was, that being slow moving oncoming traffic in front of a service station resulting in a very high chance of someone turning in front of him and therefore needing to check his speed accordingly. In the spirit of this, to be cruel but fair, the accident was wholly the rider's fault in that the rider could have easily avoided this incident by riding intelligently.

    In short, pretty much every accident is your own damn fault if you don't ride in a fashion that takes into account the need to cater for the (not so) unexpected.
  13. I like the way this man thinks! Very good road craft pointers there and hats off for the speed/relativity analysis :applause: