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Ok I'm after honest thoughts here, Deposit Down

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Doggy, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. Ok it's come down to 2 possibly three bikes

    1. Trumpy TT600, 2000 model 32,000km for $8000
    It's the black and yellow one. I really like the look but am concerned it may be too expensive for it's age.

    2. VTR1000 2003, 25,000km $9900
    Matt Black and pretty sexy too. Pretty close to $10k budget.

    3. CBR600 1999, 22,500km $7500
    Yellow and green, bike shop probably won't give me that good a trade on my bike though (different shop to above).

    Guys can I get some + and - for the above. I like the look of all of them so thats no help to me. Any good for 2 up riding etc? comfortable?

    Thanks guys/girls, I may purchase this w/e if I can.
  2. Go the Trumpy. You know you want to. Motorcycling is all about doing what you want to do. Don't buy a bike just because its performance better - buy the one your heart is set on.
  3. all good bikes, i'd probably lean towards the trump just to be a bit different from the rest. otherwise it would be the storm, always liked them and a twin would be wicked fun sometimes :twisted:

    cbr600f is a cool bike, but not a huge amount of charecter. just an easy to ride, easy to fang, comfy, capable bike. does everything well, but nothing spectacularly well. not that its a bad thing, it'd be a great step up, but thats definately not what i look for in a bike anymore...
  4. take them all for a ride....
    if u havnt done that do it first and then decide.... if have and you still can't decide then go the VTR 1000 (i think these are single seater???) or maybe im thinking of the wrong version
    if its the sorta naked bike.... still look sexy :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    plus its newer... so thers a bonus
  5. Nothing beats a twin.........

    Well, maybe another twin.

    I rode a ZX6R before jumping on a twin, I would never ride another |4.

    I vote the Storm.
  6. Re: Ok I'm after honest thoughts here, bike review

    I can't comment on the other two, but I will be brutally honest about the VTR...


    Not really. :LOL: Perhaps only second best.

    Top Motor (Once you have a V-Twin you can never go back to the light side)
    Look Great (Shame it not Silver but what can you do..)
    Sound Great.
    Bang for you buck (Not that one you have listed though, you can do better).
    Easily improved upon (Braided Lines, Suspension Improvements, Raise Rear Ride Hieght)

    Fuel Range (This didn't really bother me but it pisses many people off)
    Suspension can do with some work. (Usually the front end people don't like)
    They will eat rear tires...

    The other two are also compentent bike from all reports but I would try to get the 600 cc Daytona model (Newer version) rather that the somewhat boring looking TT600 (My opinion only). The inline 4 600 cc will be very different beasts from the VTR1000.

    Ride them all and post some reports.
  7. You should do a lot of reading before picking up the TT600, I'm not sure but I think I've heard some dodgy things.
  8. Thats so interesting how diff we are. I ride a Storm and ZX6R all week, and I reckon the opposite. I much prefer the multi. Depends what youre used to I suppose. Ive had multis for 20 years, this Storm is my first twin. Its bags of fun but love my Kwaka.
  9. Except for an inline 4 :LOL: :LOL:
  10. That might be true If I had said, "only one thing beats a twin"

    But I didn't :grin:

    Twins are much more fun.
  11. No its true regardless :grin:

    I4s are where its at :p
  12. Cant comment on the trumpy but i know when i test rode a storm i thought it needed another 2 cylinders :LOL:
  13. I'd go the Storm. They just feel so nice. That Twin rumble is just coooooool.

    Been a pillion a couple of time on the Storm too, not terrible.
  14. I speak as a Triumph owner (and fan) - the TT600 is not the best bike Triumph has made.
    It handles, steers and brakes superbly, but the motor is lacking development. The early ones had a hole in the power delivery the size of the Grand Canyon, especially at low revs. The first time I rode one, I took it into a roundabout on a trailing throttle (I know I know...) and damn near dumped it because when I went to roll on the throttle... nothing happened!
    Or so little it didn't matter.
    The manufacturer has provided improved fuel maps for the injection that subsequently improved things a good deal, but even so it's really not up to scratch with the competition. It was very cheap , however. Strangely, neither the Speed 4 or Daytona 600 suffered from the same problems, despite sharing the same basic motor.
    The TT needs to be very low K's, and have the latest maps uploaded, to be taken seriously at that price.
  15. Go the Storm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a Storm and a CBR954, and need to seLl one at the mo.

    The Blade is the one to go. The Storm is just sooooo much more enjoyable.
  16. Options two and three, while very different are good choices. I've only heard bad things about the motor in the TT so I'd try before you buy on that one.

    Just because it's the best all-rounder on the entire planet I have to suggest the VFR750/800 options. Best of both worlds and so much more stylish. Really.
  17. firestorm ??? isent that something that happened over japan in ww11
  18. Everyone keeps saying they are nicer - but why? they certainly look pretty beasty.

    Can you storm owners keep up other bikes of similar size but different configuration - eg a CBR 1000?
  19. Triumph triples are really fun bikes but thier fours (particuarly the earlier ones) just aren't as nice.

    The VTR1000 is the one I'd pick too :)
  20. In the end it's personal choice. The Storm fits me better, and I enjoy the characteristics of the V-twin alot more than the Blade.

    Don't get me wrong, the Blade is one helluva bike, but it just doesn't make me smile like the Storm does.