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OK, I'm a pansy - Heated Grips!

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by deafwish, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. It's obviously now getting bloody cold and I want to look at keeping my precious manicured office hands warm, whilst I ride.........
    I have borrowed winter gloves from a mate and my hands still freeze and I don't like the lack of feeling I have by wearing them.
    I currently use Alpinestars SP3 leather gloves.

    I have considered getting heated grips and want to know how effective they are.
    I hate the look of the grips with the built in elements, as they have a big ass wire that moves when you twist the grip.....
    I prefer the one with the insert type element that you simply put under your existing grips and wire it in, with a small switch for low, high and off.
    How warm do they keep your hands? Could I get away with continuing to wear my leather race type gloves with the 'insert' type heated grips?
    Any comments or ideas are appreciated!

    Daz. :wink:

  2. I had the Oxford heated grips on the virago - pure ecstasy I tell ya!
    Worth the $$. If your having problems with your hands freezing, the heated grips should sort that out. My hands were going numb after half an hrs riding. Had to keep pulling up to warm them up, only to pull up again 30mins down the rd. Haven't had that problem since I got the grips.

    Totally recommend you get them. Can only recommend the Oxford's as they're the only ones I've experienced.

    Am getting a set put on teh VTR250 this Thursday.
  3. Hang on, aren't we supposed to be bad assed bikers, immune to the ravages of cold and wet? Pfft, next you'll tell me you're riding an Italian sportsbike and drink lattes every 50km! Me, I prefer to lose all feeling in my hands and grin and bear it....

    I envy those riders with heated grips but someone has to maintain the biker credo... :p
  4. I can only think of one ride out of thousands that I've done where I would have liked heated grips, and on that one the rest of me was still frozen and felt awful anyway.....
  5. Paul I used to wonder what all the fuss about heated grips was. After all what's the point of having warm hands if the rest of you is freezing?

    That though is wrong. The heated grips actually raise the temperature of your whole body and one isn't as cold (not just ones hands).

    I'm on my 3rd bike with heated handgrips now, and I'd really prefer not to be without them.

    Of course it depends upon how much long distance and winter and/or night time riding one does too.

    Second vote for the Oxfords, preferably the type with the big moving wire you said you didn't like the look of, they are much more durable than the other type.
  6. Why wear heaps of winter gear keeping your body warm and then lose all feeling on your fingers and hands... you know, the bit that actually is in charge of the major bike controls?? :-k

    I can run non vented summer gloves in the depth of winter with my grips on... much much better than fat stiff winter gloves.

    There's two draw backs though. 1. Most summer gloves aren't water proof, so I still pack a pair of winter gloves if I go out on a dodgy weather night, and 2. Heated grips come with an incredible hidden cost... you actually will happily ride your bike in cold weather - so winters cost you more than they otherwise might have!!

    LOL @ CJ... stuff your credo maaaaiiite!
  7. Heated grips rock. I have a set of the Oxford on the ST2 and will be putting a set on the wifes 600 Monster as well. Just have to get around to doing it.
    Oh and do not believe Cejay, he is envious of my warm hands when we ride in the cold.

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Heated Grips!! HEATED GRIPS!!

    You bunch of pansy, limp wristed, soft palmed poofs. We are manly men riding manly bikes. We don't need the soft creature comforts that other lesser humans require.

    (I actually prefer to try and warm up by complaining how cold I am to everyone that will listen :wink: )
  9. It's like cruise control in a car... once you've had it... you just can't do without. The first blingessorie I added to Aquila was heated grips.

    :-k Can you get heated levers???

    Elmarco, since you complain with such comedic eloquence, I hope you never get heated grips!

    Thats it. I've just burst a blood vessel in my eye due to the rage you have caused me.
  11. [​IMG]:tantrum: [​IMG]:tantrum:[​IMG]:tantrum:[​IMG]:tantrum:[​IMG]:tantrum:[​IMG]:tantrum:
  12. My BMW has heated grips, my Ducati doesn't, my scooter doesn't. Guess which one I ride on cold days?. As to only warming the hands, not true. We have blood, blood circulates, warm blood is better than cold blood..........
  13. But what about the biker creed?! We are bad, bad, bad.

    Alternatively you can do what I do and just not ride when it's cold :p
  14. Getting tempted to look into it for the Spada (is it worht it on this little bike?)

    hands are starting to get a bit chilly even with winter gloves on.

    lots of early morning/late evening and night riding too :?
  15. I'm going to put some on before the July ride to Qld.
  16. I have tried silk inner gloves and find they aren't much help, either.... :(

    Has anyone tried the 'insert' type elements that go under your existing grips and how effective did you find them?!

    I can get the insert type heated grips for around $60.
  17. Come on all you softies.. I wear summer gloves all year round.. Fingers eventually go numb, so then you dont feel a thing.. :LOL: Seriously try some inners, like wicket keeping glove inners.. They are thin and will keep your hands warm too i reckon.. :grin:

    And yes i do wear summer gloves all year round.. :shock:
  18. Firstly get yourself the grip warmers, I've got them on the virago and love them. secondly get yourself a decent pair of winter gloves. I had the alpinestar sp1 and found them totaly useless in temps below 5 deg. I bought the dri-rider nordic and havent looked back. fantastic gloves. I have ridden in -2 deg temperature last winter got to work with me and the bike covered in ice and still been warm as toast. nordics should set you back somewhere between $50 - $80, but are worth it.
  19. Another vote for Oxford heated grips