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Ok, I have my bike on order - what else do i need?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by suzyq, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Ok, if you read my previous posts you know i have my Blue Spada on order, pick it up on the 6th April! WOO HOO!

    Now what i want to know now is, apart from the obvious riding gear, helmet, leather jacket, gloves (all of which i have), boots and draggin jeans (which i intend to get with the bike), what else should i get? I mean like a gear rack, and a bike lock etc? Are gear racks generic or specific to each bike model ( i suspect that is the case, am i right?) Is it easy to get them to fit my Spada? And a bike lock? do they have them for bikes like bicycle ones for instance? I can't afford to have an alarm fitted, but is there a cheaper option? I don't want my bike to be stolen and i realise nothing is totally safe, but something is better than nothing!

    Thanks in advance guys, this forum is so helpful!


  2. SuzyQ. Buy a back protector for you and a Xena Disk lock (with an alarm in it) for the bike. As a newbie you might want to try and ride off the disc lock on - not recommended - the alarm will alert you and dissuade a person was less than honourable intentions.
  3. INSURANCE! the reason that insurance is expensive when you start out is ccos you are more like to stack, or be stacked into. Hence the need for insurance. Do yourr self a favour and get it, save you the cost of the disk lock as well :)
  4. Welcome.

    OK, what you need is the following - Colour coded and matching:
    Brain bucket
    Board shorts
    Fingerless gloves
    and then go wild on the Reefton Spur :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Good point Jimmy, I just assume that people do that as every bike we have ever owned has been fully insured before it left the showroom or previous owner! Although reading this forum makes me remember that not everyone thinks its necessary.

    The Xena disk locks aren't really expensive and are definitely worth to have as a visual and aural deterrent.
  6. Hey Suzie, great stuff bet you can't wait!

    I got a disc lock with an orange cable so I don't ride off with it on. I park in the CBD surrounded by many cooler bikes than mine and figure this will be enough.

    Bags hmmm figured I was going to keep the bike for a short time couldn't justify the cost of getting a bag on the back so what I did was get a tank bag for day to day riding.

    When I bring my laptop home I use some occy straps and strap my small backback across the pillion seat. I ride about 120kms a day and it has never ever come loose.

    Other stuff I have got along the way, tiger balm for my sore wrists, chain lube, waterless car wash and a piece of vinyl to park the bike on in the garage. Thats about it really.

    OH and insurance.
  7. Everything else can wait SuzyQ, all you really need now is:

    Good Weather
    Dry Roads, and
    Plenty of Practice.
  8. oops forgot the best thing I got was the RideSmart CD from VicRoads.
  9. Its from TAC, http://www.tacsafety.com.au/jsp/content/NavigationController.do;jsessionid=PEBCKOPHNJON?areaID=1

    Read everything on that page and read everything in the new riders link sticky in the riders tips forums - you will gleen hepas of info that will obvious after a short while, but its good to know where to ride in your lane and not be blind spots and other cool safety tips.
  10. Thanks guys for all your tips.. About how much does a Xena alarm, disc lock thingy cost??

    As for insurance, tell me can you get a cover note for motorbikes?? anyway i will check all this out. Thanks..

    the CD sounds really good but i am in Sydney so not able to get it up here. Yes i have read all the tips and stuff, i spend hours on this site!

    Thanks again

  11. hi suz,


    insurance ? mite as weel get the comprehensive, afterall, if you dont get it and upgrade to a bigger bike later on, it will be cheaper because you will have a raiting.. :) yeah you can get a cover note, western qbe is whome im with .

    Ambulance Cover. ~ health insurance if the worst comes and lets hope it never does. you dont want to be paying for helocopter rides and ambulance rides all over the place. you probably already have this anyways but if not) (its very cheap to get like 14 bucks a year?)

    Chain Lube !
    Engine Oil !

    Winter Gloves.

    scarf or neck warmer

    wet weather gear ?

    you can get an alarmed disc lock

    Biker USers Manual .(you may be able to get one in PDF ?)

    tire pressure checking tool.

    Depending on your bike, and where you inflate tires, you may need an L adaptor :)
  12. I got the xena disc and alarm lock, $90 ish ,and they come on 3 different sizes, so take your bike when buying one .
  13. On the rack front....

    An cheaper alternative given you will have a metal tank is a magnetic tank bag. They don't get in the way and come on and off the bike easy. Which also means you can use it on other bikes too.

    Mine was about $100 and is expandable from 18ltrs to 28Ltrs with a zip. I find unless I am going on long trips I don't need the rack and or their ugly factor.

    I think they are well worth the money, given a new Ventura rack and bag (Which are now only sold as a set) is about $350.

    Only operating tip I would offer is using some clear contact on your tank to prevent scratches & chips in your paint from the magnets making contact.

    Above, insurance is a must, even if it's just 3rd party...
  14. An Ipod if you already don't have one ! , wear it under your helmet !

    Rogue Traders while riding rocks !!!

    And it drowns away the wind noise. :cool:
  15. There is no specific back rack for the Spada.

    You have to mod one.

    Personally I don't think it suits the Spada as it's too big for a small bike.
  16. I stuck an rjays tank bag on my spada, really good for daily commute, perfect size for lunch and bits 'n pieces. Watch out for it scratching the tank though :? Mine was $70 odd from memory. Disc lock fits perfectly under the seat too I just found out.
  17. just wondering isnt it hard to change songs while riding? or u just put up with it and wait till the next song?
  18. I just put up with it, but changing songs can be done.
    Its a bit hard pressing buttons on an Ipod Nano with riding gloves on.

    I had this idea of velcro'ing the Ipod on the tank . . . . but I thought it could be a recipie for disaster because it would be another distraction and i'd be tempted to play with it while riding. So its safe just to leave it in my pocket.
  19. yippee! Picked up my beautiful Blue Spada on Saturday and spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday riding around the block! I can recommend Caringbah Motorcycles and Steve and his team. Great bunch of guys, very down to earth and no BS! :)

    Well I spent last night debating with myself, do i ride it to work, (at Katoomba, about 20 mins away from home on the GWH) or not?? Anyway i got up this morning, thought what the hell and i did it!! how good am i?? LOL! The only scary moment i had was when i turned over the bridge and was approaching my first roundabout, a big truck was turning left but had to come out over my lane to get around the corner! I had to squeeze past.. and then negotiate the roundabout. :shock: PHEW! I made it! WOO HOO! So now to get home!! :grin: