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OK, I got my gear....but....

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by tmg, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. I was just wondering how much movement there should be in the helmet when it's on your head...I put my lid on and gave my head a shake and there's about 5mm? of movement side to side. It doesn't shake around when I am just looking around, I just want to know if a little bit of movement is bad or not.

    I can feel the cheek pads on my face when I wear it for a bit, so that's a good so I've been told. I asked the bike shop if I can get thicker lining for it and they said I could...even though I really don't wanna have to. I got some "Bikers Club" brandname gloves and they fit....well, like a glove :LOL:

    All that's left is the jacket, but that'll have to wait for a bit till I get rid of my debts.

    can anyone help? I wanna find out if I gotta return it. BTW it's a KBC helmet, LARGE size.

  2. i'm not sure if there is a rule of thumb regarding that... i went for feel... if it 'feels' like it might be a bit loose.. then it probably is... have you tried on many other helmets and brands???? i just kept trying until i found one that fit snug and didn't hurt after wearing it for a bit... if you don't feel confident in it then i reckon have a look around until you find one that you do.... my opinion
    only though....
  3. Put your helmet on your head twist it a little from side to side and forwards and backward. If it slides over your noggin then it may be to large, it should be firm enough to move the skin. Got this off the fitting instructions with my Arai.
  4. Another good tip is when you have your helmet on you should be almost biting your cheeks. open and close your mouth a few times.
    yeah only way to describe it in words is... the helmet should move the skin on your cheeks like a massage. it should be just touching on the top of your head (crown area) and you shouldn't feel any pressure points anywhere especially on the forehead and the back of the skull. even slight pressure can become a real "headache" when you've worn your helmet for longer than a 20 minute ride.

    Jacket and Pants; make sure the armour fits in the right places and doesn't move around. Some jackets have adjusters to keep the elbow armour in position... which helps those of us still trying to develop cannons. Ask if you can sit on a bike with your gear on so you can be in the riding position especially helpfull to see if knee protection is in the right place.
  5. Some good tips guys and I am wearing my helmet as I write this :LOL: just to see how good the methods are that you have written up

    im.on.it Yeah I am almost biting my cheeks and I did open and close my mouth a few times and I did actually 'bite' my cheeks :LOL: so I guess that's a good thing aye? :grin:

    there's a tiny bit of pressure on my forhead (I have a double crown, which is rare apparently), so that makes helmet choice difficult when it comes to pressure on the head - although I did try on a Shoei a while back and it felt perfect - no pressure and gripped my head great, so I may get one of them next.

    Mithel The helmet doesn't slide at all and there is no pressure on the top of my head...again the double crown thing, so there is a tiny bit of pressure at the back of my head, along with the tiny bit on the forhead. And yes it does move the skin.

    BalmyBrowny I haven't really tried too many brands on, but I just (talk about slow) noticed on the Size sticker, there is a measurement to indicate the wrap around measurement - it reads "L", then under that it's got "59 - 60cm" so I must see if the maxium circumfrance of my skull is between these two measurement. I could check my tredly helmet as that has the measurement on it too.

    I can always get bigger cheeck pads and maybe even more interior padding at the bike shop and make it a Medium-Large inside. I will ask tomorrow arvo when I go to pick up my bike to ride it home.
  6. Sounds like your good to go tmg.
    With the pressure points, try pushing the helment (on your head) from opposite the pressure point, if it relieves the pressure then you will prbbably find that there is enough 'give' in the liner for the helmet to settle in after a bit of use.
    im.on.it's point with the cheeks is a good one, mine have just started to settle in.

  7. I reckon the KBC helmets are not all that great for larger heads. Did you try any of the HJC range?? And if the shoei fits better then why didnt you get it?? Just remember when it comes to gear, near enough is not good enough.
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  9. That's rather odd... I was aiming to get a KBC coz a) I liked the graphic and b) more affordable. Ended up with a shoei coz a) it fit like silk b) the KBC felt too tight around my crown and the bigger size was too loose.
  10. take it back lol

    if ur feeling pressure when u r just standing there wearing it that is not a good thing, when u add pressure created by windflow it will eventually start 2 ache... u need 2 be comfortable when out on the bike u doint wanna be thinking about the pain u r starting 2 feel through wrong helmet choice.... as for movement side 2 side 5mm is very little if u pack out the cheek pads u will bite a chunk out of ur inner cheek not nice trust me, at the stay up right course when i done my l's all they really say about fitment is make sure it is snug and that theres is some moment as if there is none u could stop blood flow
  11. My Shoei (XR-1000) helmet chipmunks me a little bit - apparently :) - but I can barely even tell I have it on. I couldn't tell you off the top of my head if it made me bite my cheeks, but ultimately, it doesn't move too far at all when it's on. As strange to describe as it is, whilst I can feel that it fits snugly, in the same breath I can't feel that I have my helmet on at all, even on the bike. I took that as a really good sign of my helmet fitting :)

    FWIW, I was also of the understanding that HJC fit bigger heads a bit better which was why I had to immediately rule the brand out (I have an XS Shoei :p).

    To whomever said close enough isn't good enough with your gear, I totally agree. I think that wherever possible you should be looking for a helmet that fits and is comfy before you even get on the bike - if you're relying on the helmet padding "breaking in" for it to be comfy, it's a pretty big gamble if you ask me. There's many a post in these forums that say to try on all manner of helmets till you find that perfect one.
  12. when i tried my hjc on it felt great but coz i have a headset inside my helmet once i put it in had 2 wait for it 2 bed in coz of the extra thickness at the ears
  13. out of curiosity - what would I use to pack the cheek pads to make for a tigher fit?

    if anything I will get a new liner that grips my head better. they only cost at most $100.