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OK I did it, Matti drops his bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matti-san, May 3, 2007.

  1. fcuk fcuk fcuking fcuk! Now that's off my chest here is the silly story. :oops:

    Riding along St Kilda Rd just near St Kilda P.S. I have split past a lot of cars watching out for white lines etc in the wet all good. Along this part I normally nick onto the tram tracks and get passed all the cars that are sitting still. Done it for 16 months no incidents at all. OK pass cars all good, get to the next section of road go to go around the cars and WTF I am in the air :shock: When I had crossed onto the tracks they have placed a plastic yellow hump there and what with the rain it was very slippery. Went down like a sack of spuds, get up very embarrased, go to lift bike, young bloke in a cage helped me pick it up, roll start and off I go to work.

    So two points, them yellow humps are fcuking slippery and a big thank you to the cager guy but not to the 3 bikes who went past while I was trying to pick up my bike. :evil:

    yes yes my fault etc etc no need to go on, me and bike have a few bruises etc but all OK :roll:
  2. It all happens VERY quickly, doesn't it??

    Good to hear you're OK, apart from the elevated anger level :LOL:.
  3. Nooo matti noooo, bugger! at least you and the 'tin wife' have only a few bruises... :grin: Thank Dog we don't have bloody trams over here...
  4. Sounds a bit like your avatar , Matti :wink:

    How embarrassment for you :oops: Seriously, glad you and your bike came out sort of OK.

    Kudos to the guy who gave you a helping hand, thumbs down to the 3 bikers ~ they must've been distracted by the yellow humps I hear they're f&@%* slippery :grin: :wink:
  5. Man that's gheeeeey. Can't believe the bikers just rode past! I'd never ride past a dropped bike.
  6. Bad luck Mat.... much damage to the Hyo? Aside from the slippery humps etc you wanna watch out you don't get booked for riding down the tram tracks man... only a matter of time!
  7. Ouch, bad luck. There is some outrageously slippery shit on the roads. The paint, the shiny roadsnake repairs, the metal grilles and plates, you almost want a dirtbike to get around the city.

    Anyway, was there much improvement to the Hyo?

    /sorry couldn't help myself! :grin:
  8. LOL as soon as i saw your name as having posted i was waiting for it Loz!! :grin:
  9. don't you mean "plastic"?

    didn't think the Hyo's had much "tin" in them! :LOL:
  10. Not as much as to your bike I here! :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Yeah WTF I pulled the cover off the engine over the front sprocket on the weekend, plastic!
  12. Those "humps" were put there (and heaps of other places around town) to give a better separation between the Trams & normal traffic so chances are you are on one of those tram only sections of the road and liable to get pinged.

    Of course it's only illegal if you get caught but sooner or later they'll have a revenue blitz there.
  13. I hate those things...they seem to serve no real purpose, since a car would hardly notice them, yet to a bike they are treacherous.
    Glad you did'nt get banged up to badly..
  14. +1. Healing vibes to you and your bike. Glad you were able to get up and keep going.
  15. matti-san, sorry to here it mate. Hope your back on the road soon.
  16. Bugger you bent the Hyo...
    At least you are O.K. mate.
    The rest is just metal and plastic.
  17. yeah, +1

    Plastic and ...uh...plastic :LOL: is much less painful to fix than skin and bone (physically anyway!)

    Glad to hear you jumped back on and rode away from it.
  18. Bad luck to you

    Dropping the bike is never much fun.

    I've done it once, in my first week of riding thanks to "target fixation" fixated on the wrong target.

    Thankfully only cosmetic damage, and my fixation now rests on the exit of the corner, not the apex and the leaves and moss and sh*t that rests upon the edge of it :)
  19. Thanks everyone, now just checked my bike downstairs and all OK. So am I glad I got a naked bike? YEP :grin:
  20. Hell yes! I am seriously considering a set of sliders because I am shit scared of the damage a "slide" on the GT250R would do to it. My beautiful shiny black fairings... :cry: