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OK - How many regos do you pay for?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Brian26146, May 9, 2005.

  1. How many vehicles/trailers/boats etc do you pay rego for? How many others have you?
    No fleet for work vehicles etc.

    I'll start off- (Shows how stupid I am)

    2 cars.
    1 bike.
    1 horse float.
    1 flatbed trailer.

    Cost? Don't know, don't want to know. :oops:

    1 tractor
    1 bike trailer.
    1 boat trailer. (damaged)
    1 boat. (damaged)
    2 boat trailers. (Checked, both run out)
    2 boats. (Checked, both run out)

  2. that's pretty impressive brian! at least when your horse float wipes me out mid corner, we'll all be covered for the hospital bills! :LOL: :LOL:

    I pay for two bike regos btw, and I think that's stiff!
  3. You've got me beat.

    2 cars
    1 bike
    1 boat
    1 trailer

    ............but I bet my wife spends more on shoes in a calendar year than all you regos put together, so think yerself lucky mate!
  4. reply

    I wish to challenge that!! :?

    My wife would make Amelda Marcos envious. :( Every where I look!!! SHOES and more shoes. :( My horse doesn't have that many. :oops:

    She gets rid of them to the op shop and then buys more!!! :twisted:

    In the winter its not so bad because she has wear gummies, but summer?? Tennis shoes, walking shoes, worn out shoes, house shoes, outside the house shoes, you name it AAAAARRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHhh

  5. Brian.......she probably posts to my wife on a shoe forum.
  6. 1 bike.

    You need something else? :LOL:
  7. 18 months ago:
    2 cars
    1 trailer
    6 bikes

    2 cars
    1 trailer
    2-3 bikes (third is mostly a temp)

    Gosh, thinking about it....all that rego over all those years coulda bought another 2 or 3 bikes :D :D :D
  8. glitch_oz... what do you do with 6 bikes??

    I understand 3, one big, one midum and one small...

    2 cars
    1 trailer
    3 bikes (one being registed in my mates name)
  9. There were an XT600 and XT250 prepped and ready for a Cape York ride,
    a Pegaso, another Pegaso selling but not sold, another Pegaso bought to replace the unsold one :LOL: :LOL: (makes sense, doesn't it?) and the V-Strom.
    Actually, there was still the Bandit12 for about 4 weeks that the V-Strom had replaced. So it was 7 bikes for a very brief period :LOL:

    Took about 4 months or so to sort it out :wink:
    Just call it slightly overstocked , hehe
  10. I guess 2 is not that much if you go by these nuts people?
    1 car
    1 bike
  11. I pay for howards , costellos , bracks , brumby's etc etc . Theives. Theres that many hands in my pockets i feel like a damn puppet.
  12. 2 bikes
    1 car
    1 caravan

    and I thought I was bad
  13. 1 Car
    1 Bike
    but odometer on car seems to be stuck since I got Bond, what do you suppose has caused that?
  14. 1 Car
    1 Bike
    1 Dog :p

  15. 2 cars
    1 bike

    And as it is thats killing me :evil:
  16. how much is victorian bike rego? here its $90 for any bike.(might be $93, i'm totally clueless) same for a posty and a hayabusa. seems fairly cheap to me, but im young and stupid and haven't yet realised that rego is an expensive enterprise. pluys i only register one bike :p
  17. Officially registered:
    1 Car
    1 Bike

    Should be registered:
    2 Cars
    1 Bike
    1 Trailer
    1 Caravan
    1 Offroad buggy
    1 Racing ride on mower

    Hey brian, whats the deal with the busted boat? I wants a boat bad, need to fish.
  18. 1 bike......what more could you want?
  19. 1 Car and 1 Bike
  20. 1 bike

    1 car