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OK guys n gals, think your skills are up to scratch?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by doonx, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. Donnie says otherwise

    :eek: :eek: :eek:

  2. I love the kid in the next video, very funny.
    Donnie isn't too shabby on the Harley is he. The big thing to watch is his top half. And listen to him loading the motor up.
  3. watch his head ;)
  4. so he uses the crash bars to take corners - its what holds the bike upright you can hear them sc r ape

    also with that music he should be in the village people
  5. A guy in uniform AND with skills! Doesn't get much better. :bolt:
  6. Unimpressed. That's car park crap, where the only danger is to witches hats. Yes, great control of a big pos at 10kph.

    How's he do wizzing though a 45k tightening radius turn, where the stakes actually mean something, and mistakes are rewarded with actual injuries.

    THAT sort of stuff gets my attention.
  7. I think the scraping is his running boards.
    I know if you put the crash bars down you lift a wheel...true :)
  8. The crashbar thing is a two way street. They can lift a wheel, but they can also hold the thing up while the front scrubs along, until it grips again. A little bit like what Simoncelli was doing just before he got hit.

    Big kudos to officer dan for bike control, but the speed is low, the lean angle is low, the risk is low... What he's doing is good practice and should be encouraged, but being skilled at this is like being skilled at doing wheelstands - it's one particular trick that adds to your skillset. On its own, it doesn't make him the Man. (That's what the badge does LOL.)

    I'm told those police harleys have outstanding low speed handling. Watching that, it might be true...
  9. There ya go. You can ride it (a Harley) on Sunday and plough the paddock with it Monday
    They're good for something.
  10. not to shabby...

    goes to show its where you look, is where you are gonna end up! haha
  11. Here we go. Compare the clip above to this. Ostensibly, they show the same thing. But look at how much more lean angle and speed the Japanese guy is carrying. He monos it under power at one point, and has it crossed up under power at another. Check it out.

  12. Not sure I like his style in the last one. But he gets the job done.
    Both clips look like HART or Qride on E.
    Both good examples of how to "assist" the bike and make it dance at slow speed.
    How the weight of a bike should not be a factor. Two very different bikes doing the same dance.
    Now you know why I call training a circus.
    I still think you have to learn this. And then how to ride on the road. And then how to lead a bike into speed.