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OK...got my L's. Now what?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by dags99, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,

    firstly let me say this a great site. Lot's of good advice.

    And secondly, apologies for any redundant questions below...

    A little background, I have a Suzuki Intruder LC 250 and gear.
    I am a newly approved L rider and I request any advice/tips anyone has for newbies.

    I plan to ease into it as I am nervous as hell!

    My questions off the bat are;
    - recommendations for insurance (I checked out insuremyride and swann). Any recommendations other than these for newbies?
    - tips to get over the nerves. how best to get comfortable?
    - any mentors in the north-west sydney area? (I did check the forums btw)
    - any quiet areas I can get started ?
    - does anyone have any experience with eastern creek rider days?
    - As I require glasses to read at night, I am wondering if anyone can suggest a few makes/models (other than contacts) I can look at?

    Thanks again for any feedback.
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    Firstly, welcome to Netrider - hope you enjoy your stay here.

    Have a read of this thread (especially the first post with the map location and other pertinent information) which is an semi-informal learner session run 1pm every Saturday at Homebush Bay (near Olympic Park). Not only can you practice in a safe environment (a closed off area of roadway) under the guidance of experienced riders, you will meet other members of the forum and have the opportunity to participate on a learner-friendly group ride afterwards. OzYoda runs the sessions (albeit he won't be attending this Saturday as he managed to twig his back - old age is catching up ;)) tirelessly and plays Pide Piper on the group ride which usually ends at McDonalds near Windsor... not too far from Kellyville.

    Warning: if you decide to drop in on the Learner's Session this Saturday (1st Dec), remember it is predicted to be very hot... bring some water!

    PS. I just remembered that the V8 Supercars will be at Homebush Bay this weekend. Check the thread I linked earlier in this post to see if it is running as it might be a bit busy around the Park.
  4. Hi all, thanks very much for all the feedback support! Love the netrider community!