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Ok For Tinted Visors At Night?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ametha elf, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. I'm going to start riding into work every day. I have a Shark helmet with a dark tint visor. Cannot find the original clear visor anywhere (its in that VERY safe place). My question is, is it legal to ride at night with a dark tint visor? Will be riding through Brisbane.

  2. I don't think it is illegal, whether it is advisable is another matter. ?? You can always flip the visor up and ride without visor if you find it to dark. I would buy a replacement visor though.
  3. Hrm. See, it's tricky because to ride a motorcycle you need a helmet which complies with AS1698 (the helmet standard).

    If it has a visor, one of the requirements for AS1698 is that the visor itself must comply with AS1609 (Standard for protective eyewear for motorcyclists and racecar drivers).

    And AS1609 doesn't allow for a visor/goggles to have less than 75% transmissivity, from memory. To put that into real terms, most peoples' farts are more opaque than that. You won't find a dark-tint visor which complies with AS1609 and I'd be surprised if any iridium ones did too.

    Legally, we shouldn't be using tinted visors on public roads/roadways/road-related-areas at all. Ever. Even during daytime. Because AS1609 is a bit limited in scope and/or stupid.

    Despite that, everyone (including the police) use tinted and iridium visors during the day, so I imagine it'd come down to "Would a police officer punch you in the face for being silly if you tried to reenact the Blues Brothers movie by driving/riding with tinted eyewear in the dark?"
  4. I've always been led to believe that there was a legal reason for not wearing a tinted visor at night but that could be an extension of the legal points as outlined by spots.
    A more apt consideration is to ask yourself if you'd wear sunglasses at night whilst driving?
  5. 1) It's not a good idea and you can't see anything (esp if you have serious tint like mine) and you have to ride with it up, that in turn gets all sorts of crap in your eyes and dries them out and is generally a unpleasant thing to have to do.

    2) I've been stopped by cops at night for this - so now I take a clear visor with me if going for afternoon into evening ride.

    But for your helmet you should be able to get a visor online no probs....
  6. Legal or not, riding in the dark with a tinted or iridium visor is sketchy. Its 10x worse if its raining or wet - so if theres a chance you'll be riding home after darkm use a clear visor.

    I retire my tinted visor each season when daylight saving ends.
  7. It can be legal up to 35%. Which very few tinted visors are. The same law applies for visors as cars window tinting.
    I doubt you would get pinged for it though. You cannot see out my cars windows at night and I have never been done.
    As for riding with tinted.... Nah. Pushbikes and pedestrians are the big worry. Get some soft arm sunnies and find the clear one.
  8. Alternatively get some clear sport/safety glasses that you can wear under the visor and then when it gets too dark, flick the visor up. You can see and you eyes are still protected.

    ...Nose might get a little chilly though.
  9. ok if you don't mind not being able to see
  10. Helmets that come with pinlock visors are another option. Get a clear and tinted insert, which you keep in your jacket, and swap when needed. Much easier to carry than a full spare visor.
  11. Yeah, I've done that in the past after site visits that have run way way too late and other situations (Hooray for clear safety glasses being part of the required PPE). I guess it's another option. :)
  12. I did a bit of a look around and found a clear visor thats been sitting gathering dust in a cupboard for years (amazing what you find). Its going to make work that much easier to handle knowing I am riding there and back again, although I've never ridden at night before or ridden through City traffic.
  13. on another angle, what sort of roads are you on, I worked shift for a year, riding home most days at around 1am, BUT all my riding was on well lit roads like the Monash and Burwood Rd, never had an issue with wearing the tinted visor and in the time I was riding I was breath tested at least 5 times with no mention of the tinted visor.
    I just found the whole process of having to carry an extra visor and swapping them over to be a fair pain in the arse.
  14. Ive been wearing my iridium on the past dozen or so times Ive been pulled over over the last few years (no not just for speeding, but RBT etc too)

    Mines not Aust Standards and technically I know I could get a ticket, but its never been a issue for me (including one night where the copper mentioned it was a dumb choice but left it at that)

    I think you might have issues if your a smartarse to the copper and he decides to go over you and the bike with a fine tooth comb though (deja-vu friday nights in newcastle with back chatting P plater rice burners getting the fine tooth comb treatment and alot failing for suspension, tyres, turbos blowoffs and tinting lol)

    I dont think too many coppers know about the AS thing with visors to be honest (or they just dont care)
  15. I've used a tinted (dark smoke) visor at nighttime for around 2 years.. i probably wouldn't recommend it. I especially agree with what someone else said about vision being 10x worse looking through a tinted visor if its raining at night.
  16. Generally speaking, how does iridium visor compare to dark tint?

    For practicality, sunnies are probably the go, heaps easier than carrying another visor.
  17. You don't see people driving their cars at night with sunglasses on...

    I can't see a reason why you'd want to wear tints at night, you see much less of the road and your depth perception isn't as good.

    If I think I'm going to be riding late I'll put the clear visor in the seat bag.
  18. If you had an accident and were found to be wearing a tinted visor at night then I wouldn't be surprised if you ended up with a driving without due care charge. Same principle as driving with a misted up / dirty windscreen.
  19. Hey there ametha elf - long time no see.

    Not sure about the law, but why would you want to ride nights with a tinted visor? It'd be like driving a car with a heavily tinted windscreen at night. Why would you want to?

    ... because you have the tinted one and the clear one is in that very safe ... Go buy a new one. A clear one. Anything that diminishes what you can see, diminishes your safety.
  20. Its ok, kneedragon, I am just very unfinancial at the moment and only had a dark tint on my Shark helmet and so didn't want to outlay any more $$$$. Anyway I found an old RST helmet of mine which has a clear visor, so now I use that one for riding home from work at night and keep the Shark for daytime riding. I was really impressed with the clear visors vision, and can see now why a dark tint would be totally useless at night. Pleased to say my first ride home through the city at night was a success, so I will be commuting in to work on my bike regularly now.