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ok all you amateur psychologists....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by carri27, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. as i hopped into the 'slow' lane at my local pool this afternoon, and found myself being overtaken by the only other 'slow-lane' swimmer in there, a thought went through my mind. i've swum for years, on-and-off, but never gotten any faster and never had any desire to. i just like the weightlessness, the rhythm, the feeling of the water and the silence.

    i used to also jog daily and have always described my jogging style as being similar to Cliff Young's. a friend of mine walked a 10k fun run that i jogged, and i did only a marginally faster time than her! again, i love the rhythm and being outdoors, but have no interest in getting fit and going faster.

    equally, as many of you know, i like riding slowly. i really should get myself a cruiser but i love my hornet, albeit i have no interest in speed.

    on the other side, i like fast music and like to dance hard; i tend to drive somewhat on the fast side (though fast by Victorian standards, is not really very fast); i talk very fast and i do my work and life quite fast, though slower these days now i've hit my 40s.

    so i'll just lie here on the couch a while and any suggestions on why i do some things excruciatingly slowly and other things quite fast, or what the difference may be, i'm open to.

    cheers & luv, c x
  2. OK, car salesman interpretation.

    I would describe you as a process or system person, one that likes to follow rules, but often breaks them, just because they can, and don't want to be too consistent, not yet. You get a thrill on being seen as someone 'who doesnt always fit the mould'.
    You wish others had your high personal standards.

    I see you as someone that has personal self image high on your list, and wishes other people were more like themselves, and actually gave a damn.

    I see you as a professional in your job, who has a 'secret' personal code, where you enjoy breaking the rules.

    How am I going so far?

    Or am I so far off the mark that it don't matter?
  3. probably the best i could find :wink:

    that's not bad actually. i'm corporate by day so fit into a 'mainstream' world and follow their rules to some degree but i'm repulsed by mainstream thinking and lifestyle. i'm drawn to the alternative and would call most of my friends, oddballs and misfits, much like myself :LOL:

    not sure about that one. interested to know how you interpreted that.

    don't think this is true of me but open to the fact that i may do without knowing it.

    spot on. that'd be pretty true i reckon. i suspect you're very good at sussing out your customers and knowing what to sell them. cheers, c x
  4. Before I get a bigger ego, it only means that I am good at first impressions.!

    By referring to high standards, I am guessing, that you don't always believe that your colleagues have the same work/professional stds, and that they sometimes could be so much better, if they just tried to work a bit harder at finding the REAL objective, and achieving that, before they went off at other tangents.
  5. difficult for me to tell. i'm self-employed - it's my clients who are corporate. it's a long time since i've worked in an office environment on a daily basis but for the most part i think i've always worked around people who maintain at least a similar professional standard to myself.

    what i think i'm perhaps more curious about is why i do some things fast and some things slowly, as opposed to what deeper conclusions you can draw about my personality based on the fact that i do.
  6. You swim, run and ride slowly, yet everything else is done "hard".
    Perhaps you're an average swimmer, runner and bike rider?
    Perhaps you have a sense of not being able to better yourself in these areas, therefore you don't try?
    Perhaps you've found a comfort zone for some activities in which, should you try and "fail", would damage your self image?
  7. Or you are happy with your performance - hence no need to 'improve'
  8. You work hard and fast. YOu cannot maintain being hard and fast for hte long term, otherwise you get burntout. You need to take is slow and easy at time. And that is what you do when you swim, run and ride.
  9. yep- i'd say no doubt about that
    hmmm, worthy of consideration. thank you.
    this one doesn't particularly ring true. i don't feel i have much in the way of 'self-image' to maintain but i'll chew over it a while. thanks for your thoughts vanman.

    yep for the most part i'm happy enough with the status quo. i don't set high standards in these areas. i do them for relaxation rather than to improve my skill. or maybe i'm just too lazy or too busy to put in the committment to improving.

    that definitely went through my mind and feels like the most likely scenario. these are my hobbies for meditation and winding down, not for pushing myself hard and getting wound up.

    thanks guys, cheers, c
  10. carri-dearest,
    i can only offer you a simplistic analysis of why you are as you are.
    you do things at your pace, and take your time because-

    1. you have pride in things you do, and do things properly.
    2. you are content within yourself and dont feel that you have anything to prove to anyone.
    3. you believe in yourself :)

    movin is a lucky dood ;)
  11. that's just lovely joel. i've just gone all gooey inside :wink: thank you.

    and the fact that he believes that too is the reason i'm with him :wink: thanks buddy, take care.
  12. :grin:
    no worries, i have looked over your site in the past and keep a pretty good finger-on-the-pulse in the forum. you are a very positive and confident person.
    much like my wife really ;)
  13. Best thing I did was slow my runs down.

    I averaged 12 kph for 7.5km but was stuffed when I got home. Knees and back hurt too.

    Slowed it down to 8-9kph and am now going further for less pain!! Not looking to lose weight or anything - training for next year's 15.4km Run For The Kids and the Sydney City - Surf.

    Do the pace you enjoy doing and have a great time. I have a cruiser but ride far too aggressively so need to get a different unit come trade in time - possibly a Suzy 1200 Bandit.

    Don't change your pace if it works for you.
  14. city to surf's an awesome event. did it when i was 14. you'll love every minute - except of course the rose bay S's :LOL:

    Movin' would be proud of you. can't go wrong with with a bandit :twisted:
  15. Carri, that's eeeeeaaasssy!

    There's no deep seated issue lurking underneath.

    You take your meditation whereever meditation is to be taken, e.g rhythmic running, swimming etc

    The rest is your natural effervescent exuberance, hard won after much personal growth.

    Celebrate baybeeeee!!
  16. Why rush what you enjoy ? :wink:
  17. thx rob xx i think it is the meditative quality of all these activities that i most enjoy which is why i haven't pursued efforts to 'improve' my performance. it's not about the performance for me. it's about the peace. this all makes me feel a whole lot better about things.

    as port80 says
    INDEED! perfect, thank you! :)
  18. its simple, you dont need to compete to enjoy these things
  19. or
    as that bloke in zen and the art of motocycle maintenance told his son , when you get to the top of the mountain and look down you'll see its nothing but its sides , so best is to take your time getting to the top if you really want to know that mountain. Or something like that .
    Pity I cant play the music I'm listening to while typing this , the Moody Blues is sooo appropriate .
  20. when you have objectives you go streight for them and get them done (Talking working driving)
    When you arn't targeted on something but just enoying your self you just "Cruse"

    The fast music is because that way it keeps up with you who is capible of so much pace. when your mind works fast... slow music can be painfully boaring.