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VIC Oily twist: Diesel deliberately poured at bend on notorious winding Tawonga Gap Road

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Mouth, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. A dangerous act of sabotage has put motorists at risk of skidding off the winding Tawonga Gap Road and down a steep cliff.

    Police were shocked when they attended what they initially thought was a diesel spill about 11am Saturday, and found it was not an accident at all.

    Mount Beauty’s Leading Senior Constable Peter Johns said two distinct patterns of oil on the road pointed to something more deliberate.

    “When everybody arrived, we found two 20-litre drums hidden in the bushes nearby,” he said.

    “We believe we had someone put diesel over a sharp bend.”

    The winding road between Bright and Mount Beauty already had the reputation as one of the trickiest in the North East.

    Luckily no one was injured before emergency services arrived.

    “Our first person through it ended up sideways, but was able to recover before they went over the edge,” Leading Senior Constable Johns said.

    SLOW POINT: The hairpin bend on Tawonga Gap Road were up to 40 litres of diesel was poured on Saturday, before quickly cleaned up by firefighters. Picture: MARK JESSER

    More: Oily twist
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  2. Mongrels, we had this problem a couple of years ago on Macquarie Pass....
  3. Wow..there are some sick motherf*******s out there. Excuse my language.
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  4. #4 MrData, Oct 16, 2016
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    Edit: Lazy Libran beat me to it. Edit x2: fkn autocorrect fixed.
  5. That's disgusting. Why would anyone do that?
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  6. You mean Libran.

    Library..?? :D
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  7. I mean seriously, why the f*** would anyone do that? What were they even trying to achieve??!?!?! It's disgusting, putting lives at risk for what?
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  8. There is a special place in hell, reserved for this individual
    Featuring; yours truly and some razor wire
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  9. Disgusting and sickening behaviour that could easily have killed someone.
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  10. perfect corner for drifting...

    but if your P.O.S. doesn7t have enough power to spin the wheels.. you gotta go diesel
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  11. Here is hoping there is evidence from the tins,thats a lot of oil and I hope there is a paper trail from it. Setting a deliberate Man Trap gets you serious gaol time.
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  12. Hmm..reminds me of a scene from Little Nicky. ;)

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  13. I hope the knob jockeys who laid that diesel drifted themselves off the edge and into a tree.
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  14. Id like to watch :)
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  15. on second thoughts....
    cheaparse drifters probably can't afford 40L of diesel :p could have knicked it

    makes more sense it was some 4WD dude pissed off at cyclists slowing him down by 5km/hr :p
  16. *hangs head in shame*

    Autocorrect fail.
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  17. You watch, I'll sell the tickets :)
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  18. You forgot the electrical conduit.
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  19. Fines follow fuel spill on sharp bend

    A MAN has received an infringement notice for spilling diesel across the Tawonga Gap Road in what was initially thought to have been a deliberate act.

    Officers initially concluded the fuel was spilled on the road on Saturday on purpose.
    They had found two 20-litre drums hidden in nearby bushes about 11am.
    But an investigation found a ute driver had been travelling with an open tray which had caused the drums to fall out.

    Senior Sergeant Doug Incoll said the diesel could have caused a serious crash and reminded people to alert authorities of such incidents.
    “It’s an offence for people not to secure their load properly,” he said.
    “It can cause hazards to other road users.
    A motorbike rider could have come off and been seriously injured, or in a worst-case scenario hit a tree.
    “He’s be spoken to about why VicRoads and the council need to be notified.”

    Richard Wilson had been riding a bike with a friend and witnessed the incident.
    He said the Nissan Navara driver had thrown the diesel drums into the bush after they spilled.
    “That’s the wrong thing to do,” he said.
    “We were pretty disappointed to see that happen after we stopped and pulled the barrels up for him.
    “It was like he was almost trying to cover his tracks.
    “It was an accident, but then he put himself back in the wrong by littering in the bush, which is something a lot of people care about around here.”

    Mr Wilson said he had noted the driver's number plate before calling Crime Stoppers on Sunday.
    He said the driver had been annoyed after the drums fell from the vehicle.
    “There were a few cars that came past and we told them to slow down and be careful,” Mr Wilson said.
    “He just kept shaking his head and made noises that suggested he was unhappy at what had happened.
    “He lost a lot of diesel.”

    Senior Sergeant Incoll said the man had been issued a ticket for having an insecure load.
    According to VicRoads, fines for such offences range from $233 to $3109 with demerit points.

    good to see bicycle riders and police concerned about motorcycle riders...
    utefukcers, less so
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  20. What f******* idiot goes through tawonga gap road with two drums of diesel in a OPEN tray. WHAT?! I mean yeah, it's an accident, sure but common sense, pleeeeeeeeease.
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