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Oily Spark Plugs

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Shineysideup, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. I have a Honda Spada, and It has been playing up recently by conking out and only revving to a max of about 3K. I checked both pipes and the pipes are hot and it has just had new plugs put in it.

    When I pulled out the plugs there was engine oil on the tip. Someone said that I will need to get the seals replaced and have the whole top end done.

    I want to sell my bike but if it is going to cost too much then it might not be worth it.

    Any thoughts, comments?
  2. you need to put some halogen fluid in the flux capacitor
  3. Are you sure it's oil as distinct from running super rich? When was it last tuned and air filter replaced?

    How much oil are you going through?
  4. I seems to go through a bit of oil. I has been playing up a lot recently and have had the carbies tuned recently and they adjusted the fuel.

    As for the air filter, it has been a while.

    Defiantly oil on the plugs.

    Thanks for your reply.
  5. stick an air filter in it first. then go for a decent run. not just around the block and see how it is.
    seals eh ?
    like piston seals i guess
  6. I'm guessing they're talking about valve stem seals..
  7. you cant be serious... egads
  8. sometimes flooding looks like oil on a plug, but the fact your's doesn't clear up at higher revs suggests that it is more than flooding.

    I'd be doing a compression test.
  9. yeah. sounds like death is on its way..
    stems are easy as so no biggy if thats it
  10. +1 - Valve stems will leak oil, but not a great deal, even if they are scored to the shitter, they aren't under pressure. Worn pistons will blow oil; it's scraping a massive surface area, compared to a valve stem. A buggered head gasket will piss oil into the cylinder, though internal oil galleries are uncommon on bikes. Did they clean and re-oil the air filter? and did they balance the carbs too rich? How's your compression? How soon did the problem take to appear after the shop looked at it?
  11. Bloody hope not. The Spada air filters are not washable. They're a consumable.
  12. yeah.
    just use new plugs each time you go for a ride
  13. ibast said:

    ibast said:
    Probably but if the air filter hasn't been changed for a while and if it needs a tune then I would start with the obvious first.