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Oils in a noisy Engine

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by nicka, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. I ride an 81 GSX 1100 and the engines starting to get noisy.

    I changed the oil about 1000 Km's ago so i shouldn't be needing to change it yet i would have thought.

    Its noisy on the bottom end and gets louder as it warms up and i was wondering if there is a particular oil that someone could suggest to quiten down as i was intending to get the gearbox rebuild this year over winter to fix some worn dogs and bent gear selecting fork.
    I have holidays starting later this week that i was hoping to be able to go on some trips and try and hold out on the repairs for a couple of months but its seems to be getting noisier each ride.

    Or is there an additive that i could use to thicken it up without the clutch slipping.

    Currently i have Shell Advance S4 20-50 that the bike shop recommended to me when i changed the oil and although the bike gearbox and manual states 10-50.

  2. Penrite HPR 50 works a treat. The Old Ducati MUST have straight 50 per spec. I also use it in the Pajero with 230k on the clock :wink:
  3. It depends on what the noise is. Some Kawasakis run a primary chain to send the drive from the crank to the gearbox, and when they get old, they get noisy, creating a nasty rattle in teh bowels of the engine. No thickness of oil will change it.
    I'd be reluctant to start running a thicker oil coming into winter.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Thanks guys
    I have no idea what noise is until i pull it apart and i'm just after a quick fix so i can ride it during my holidays instead of spending the time fixing it :(
  5. No fear, unless its the bottom end they'll run for ages with all sorts of noises. They are a 'ticky' donk anyway.
  6. old suzy's get rattly clutch baskets as well
    Haven't seen many fail though.
    I would just ride it and make sure bike is listed on RACQ membership and mobile is charged up.

    I use valvoline XLD in my old bikes it builds up a nice yellow coating and hides a multitude of evils, some bike oils have to high a detergent in them did you change to a different brand at last oil change?
    may have cleaned out motor a bit to much