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Oils and fluids need changing

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Traviss, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. DIY services ...The often over looked Servicing of fluids..
    Most change there engine oil at the required period.
    How about brake fluid? Not many replace the brake fliud not even when they do there brake pads ,it might not be pumping around the engine but it still does alot of hard work and need to be replaced .
    How about coolant ? when was the last time you flushed your engine and radiator Hmm its and easy enough job either use pre-mix coolant or make your own with the concentrate ( dont use tap water use distilled/de-ionised.)
    And yes it does make a differance..
    And the one thing that hardly ever gets changed...

    FORK OIL.. And it does alot of work ,clean oil makes a huge differance to handling and may even prolong the life of your seals if changed regulary..
    MX racers change after every meet ..(doesnt that say it loud and clear)..

    So when was the last time you change your fluids ,why not do the lot the next time you do an engine oil change..

    Thats My 2 cents in Maintanance and servicing..HTH
  2. Sorry dude but bring your bike here and it gets done every 18k service or 2 years which ever comes first.

    Again if you come here for a service coolant get done every 24k service or every 2 years.
  3. Thats at a service center and I expect that for the dollars you pay..
    What about at home DIY services how often does it get done then..
    I didnt say anything about getting this done at a service center but I will add DIY to keep you happy ...

    WTF E2W....I just made sure I didnt read wrong...Does it not say DIY and home services in the forum titles..Not what to expect from a service center..
  4. calm down mate, not that big of a deal to hear it from that perspective
  5. My Brake fluid is changed every 12,000 ks as is my coolant.oil and filter every 6000 ks.
  6. Coolant... Every 2 years (Change sooner if needed - engine temp will be errant)
    Brake fluid... Every 2 years (Change sooner if needed - brakes may fade or become spongy)

    No experience with doing fork oil, so cant comment.
  7. Let me be as clear as I can... I have 22 year experiance in bike shops and service centers.
    I saw a new section here on home services etc and thought I would add my 2 cents since I havnt added much in a long while and Im a keen believer in the barter system ( I asked a question in tech section so I repay that with this..Fair yes ).... Why ,because the amount of time I see Bikes that have had only motor oil changes and not the other fluids is often ,the worst is fork oil and it is often black metalic looking and way past it service life infact at a point that its causing damage..
    How I read the comments above by E2W"as" bring them to me and I will do it right because Im a mechanic...This is a DIY section YES . not a section to promote a profession ..
    Maybe it should have read ...If your unsure of doing the work yourself then this is what a service center does..( there are a few that dont )..Not 'Sorry dude bring your bike to me" or "again if you come to me"...
    I hope that expains my reaction to E2W's comments as he clearly didnt read my post and was clearly trying to promote his interests .. And for a few seconds I though I had made a thread in the wrong spot and had to check ...
    Am I wrong in saying that this forum is getting way to clicky..
  8. and how about fork oil??
  9. All fair points there Traviss, but I read it differently as in E2W was just chirping in as to what he/they do it, I didn't see it as a offer to do the work. However that is just my perception on what was written, maybe others would disagree.

  10. I do coolant every 2 years and brake fluid when I do the pads, but have never even considered fork oil as a consumable. No idea why.
  11. Sorry Traviss, wasnt having a go, just what he said above. God I love the internet. :?
  12. Agreed on all things there Traviss, but like most things, if people can't see it and it won't clearly hurt their wallet from the outset if they don't do it, they won't do it.

    What is E2E anyway? 2yrs or 18K - is that a joke? You'd do 18K on your brake fluid E2E and be comfortable with that? I think not.
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  14. eeer yep!

  15. If you are doing trackdays then replacing your fork oil would be a wise move. The heat generated changes the viscosity of the oil and trying to setup your suspension with crap oil in your forks is a waste of time.
    Fluid changes on your bike are not hard to do and not only does it save you money but also teaches you how to get your hands dirty with your bike and this will lead on to you doing more mechanical work - valve clearances etc which once completed by yourself will be a very rewarding feeling oneself.

  16. Cheers mate, I didnt know about them and its good to have a resident expert adding their 2c, but I disagree (about 18K) in this case.

    Fast fwd 5mins - well I've done some reading and what I found is glycol brake fluid is chosen by manufacturers for a few reasons; its cheap and its maintenance friendly for extended periods of time (up to 2yrs), but what I didnt know is its actually designed to visually change colour in proportion to the moisture content it takes on, clear-> golden-> brown, etc. As we know, its hygroscopic so attracts water which introduces its own issues short and long term. So, assuming you do the visual inspection @ 6K/6mths as per the above schedule (i.e. inspected twice before 18K), and replaced if necessary or its okay, then carry on if you're comfortable with that. & its changed at 18mths per the schedule, not 24, so even Honda is narky about it. My brake fluid gets changed every 2 or 3 rides, and occasionally a few times per day as you can feel the difference, at least on the track.
  17. No worries, and agree on above for track/racing (y)
  18. Recommended Changing schedule...Is just that ..
    If you hammer your brakes and engine ,change at the red line often and late break alot then change it more often..I change break fluid, engine oil and coolant after ever track meet and fork oil every 2nd meet..On the CBR1000F I change around the time recommended by the manual..On my CBR1000RR 07 I do it at half the time/km recommended ..
    Nearly every set of fork seals I do has black metalic looking oil in the forks and alot with sludge build up ...Can you imagin what thats doing to the valves ,seals,and the hard chrome of the stanchion(leg) .
    As for coolant..Its cheap and easy to change so why wait until it hits its used by date??
    On the track bikes I only run distilled water..
  19. Break fluid? Isn't that coffee?
  20. Lawl!