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oils ain't oils?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by edgelett, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. OK need to do an oil change on the Hornet on the weekend, any recommendations on what is the best oil to use?

  2. any fully synthetic car oil, like Mobil 1.

    Go a bit heavier then the manufacturers recommendation at this time of year (e.g. 10W-40 instead 10W-30 or 5W-40 is even better, given that summer is drawing to a close.). They tend to be set with colder climates in mind
  3. Everyone will have a different opinion here....but I'd stick to what honda recommend, the viscosity will be stamped on the crankcase and/or owner's manual.

    There's no real need for full synthetic in the hornet IMO.
  4. Whale
  5. I'm sure she's not that big and that was just uncalled for.
  6. If that works for you then all good and fine.

    Many car oils have friction modifiers added which won't do your clutch much good.

    I don't mind paying the extra for bike specific oil.
  7. the fully synthetics don't have the friction modifiers. Hence why I specified them. Certainly the Mobil and the Valvoline products are fine.
  8. lol thanks for standing up for me mate! at 68 kilos I'd like to think I'm not a whale!!

    hmmm - seems to be a debate on whether fully or semi synthetic is best..
    I've always used fully synthetics in my car.

    can those that only use one type please explain why?
  9. The debate is whether to pay through the nose for a bike specific mineral oil or pay less for a really good car oil (fully synthetic).

    You generally can't use "normal" car oil because it contains additives that can cause your wet clutch to slip. bike mineral oils don't have these additives, but you pay a fortune for them.

    If you get the fully synthetic car oil, then it costs more then the mineral car oil, but less then the mineral bike oil and is debateably better then both.
  10. Fully synthetic bike oil makes my clutch slip.
  11. Wow. that's the first time I've hear of that.
  12. I know the Castrol Edge 5w 40 does, it says it on the bottle. It also made the GTR slip like buggery under anything over half throttle (it alsp poured out of every seal on the Z, but that's another story!).
    However, if in doubt, read the label. If an oil manufacturer uses friction modifiers, they will be trying hard to sell it!

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. Ok so if its a wet clutch, don't use any oils with friction modifiers?

    Can you just use good quality car mineral oil?
  14. Exactly

    and theres the problem, good quality car mineral oil has friction moderfiers
  15. Just spent over $12K on a bike - saving $10 or $20 on oil is false economy, for me, at the moment.

    Oil capacity is only 1.8 litres. I did a 500km oil & filter change with fully synth oil that the dealer gave me.

    Know bugger all about friction modifiers, but I was surprised at fully synthetic oil so early in the engine's life.

    So Edgelett - what did the shop/mechanic recommend??
  16. +1

    I'm with you Toecutter. Just forked out $ for my new VFR and I'll use what Honda says to use (once the warranty period is over :grin: ).
    Can't see the sense in spending big bucks on a bike then being a tight arse on oil...
  17. haven't been there yet, will go either tomorrow or saturday

    oh i DON'T have a hydrolic clutch

    does that change what type of oil i should get?
  18. The hydraulic clutch bit refers to the way the clutch is actuated (engaged/disengaged) as opposed to whether it is wet/dry (submerged in crankcase oil/seperate).
    Hydraulic clutches will have a reservoir similar to the front brake res. on the handlebars.
  19. Manufacturer recommendation is always the best advise. Just follow the API rating.

    My bike's done 100,000+ with 50k of it was mine and entirely run on normal car oil (Valvoline premium XLD). $17 for 5 litres :p
  20. Hmm I got to ask what my father put in his trials bike as in 6th gear the clutch really slips when you give it heaps.

    Where is the best place to buy motorcycle oil? Would auto places have it like Autobarn, Supercheap etc?