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Oils aint oils?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Whippet, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. A friend of mine recently told me that he used to degrease his chain and then use RP7 instead of regular chain oil. His opinion was that it is a thinner oil and less likely to attract such dirty build up. He mentioned that his chain and sprockets lasted longer because of this.

    Would this be a good thing to do or should I stick with the usual stuff?


  2. I'm not sure what this rp7 stuff is, but give it a go by all means.

    don't degrease the chain fully however. Just give a good wipe over with a rag damp with Kero. Any more than this you will wash crap down in around the seals and bugger the chain in no time.
  3. Your friend will find his chain is very quickly ratshit. RP7 like WD40 acts as a degreaser in itself. It will get past the seals on his chain and remove the lube from inside an o-ring chain leaving it totaly FUBAR.

    Use a good quality motorcycle chain lube. You don't need much and the good thin ones stay quite clean for a long time. I recomment Mutul or Belray.

    Stay as far away from the Shell and Castol chain lubes as you can. They're thick icky dirt attracting, excess flinging rubbish. :)
  4. It's the same as WD40 etc. Penetrating oil/water dispersant/degreaser.
  5. Ok I didn't know it was that. yeah don't use that. It attracts dust too and might chemically react with the seals in the chain.
  6. your freind doesn't ride a trail bike by any chance?
  7. Thanks for your help Guys,

    I've been using Castrol and (your right Seany) it's pretty thick. I'll switch over to one of your recommendations. I had also used degreaser which i'll swap for the kero on the rag technique - thanks iblast. Pitty I didn't ask sooner as I killed my lawn doing all this :( Well I suppose it would have died from all this hot weather anyway.



    And no he doesn't have a trail bike. In fact he sold his last bike a couple of years ago and took up kite surfing. I know what i'd rather be doing :grin:
  8. Trailies shun oil on chains.

    Roadies swear by it. My bike is 39000kms, and still on original chain and sprockets... I'm often lubing and cleaning the chain. BTW, I've been a shell chain lube guy from day dot. The trick to excess fling is not to use to excess. A small little bit often goes a long long way.

    Check out this article on chain adjustment and lube:
  9. I have some Ketten Spray for sale (5 cans) in the for sale section. This is an excellent chain lube. It isn't cheap, $10,900 for the five cans but I will give you a free Honda Firestorm with it plus some other goodies :grin: :grin:
  10. That's the worst of the lot. Don't you dare finish that can. Throw it away now!

    Egiste had been using that and complaining that his chain was constantly filthy, greasy and hard to clean. I put some in my hand and some Motul in the other to show him the difference. To say he was astounded would be an understatement. :wink:
  11. Chain?...Oh yeah...I remember now....somrthing in my dim dark memory...

    I agree with Seany on this one - RP7 will degrease chains rapidly and will wick past seals and the like (thats why it's good at loosening bolts!)

    You can always do the vintage bike thing and regularly remove you chain and heat it to almost boiling in a pan with thick grease for a long time...ah...those were the times, when men were men, and bikes were uncomforatble, underpowered broke down lots and had useless brakes :)

    edit - oops, forgot the grease bit!
  12. Castrol oil - banished to the bin!

    Unless there are any other uses for it?

  13. Huh, wish I had of read this thread a bit earlier. I just bought some Castrol chain lube yesterday and cleaned my chain today, for the first time.
    And to clean my chain I used a toothbrush and copious amounts of kero (caught and recycled in a container underneath the chain, so minimal mess and not too much kero used up) to scrub away the grease...
    I read about using a toothbrush from some previous discussion here, so I'm curious whether there really is a problem of working grit inside the links. I don't know (honestly :) ), it just seems like a wipe-down wouldn't really do anything to get rid of the grit that'll wear the chain down?

    So about the Castrol chain lube, is there anything to recommend it? Just wondering why they'd make it that way if it was no good. I bought it thinking it'd be good since it had all those "specially formulated!" blurbs on the packaging, now I feel like a sucker :p
  14. Double post. :oops:
  15. I use a soft bristled paintbrush or a rag. If you clean it regularly enough, that's all it'll take cause the grit won't bake on and harden up. :)

    They make it because it's cheap arse shit. They make it cheap so they can sell it cheap. It sells because when newbies come in they look at the prices and figure it's all the same anyway. :wink: Bastards!

    Now you know better, so toss it and get some Motul instead. It'll do a better job and cleaning the chain later will be much easier too. :)
  16. Yep, now I know. Unfortunately it was the only chain lube in the store, so there were no other (higher priced) options to make me question the quality of my purchase. Ah well. At least the chain's clean now, man it was bad. I still have to take the chain guard off sometime to get at the crap underneath that, not looking forward to that! :)