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  1. A little while ago bikes could use car oils, due to the fact there was no bike oil, then came the new car oils and motorbike oils split away.

    I used to buy Havoline oil cause on this link http://www.datateck.com.au/lube/caltx_au/buttons/default.asp?section=4

    i put my model and an oil came up, fairly inexpensive oil, on the package it had for light vehicles cars/vans and 4 stroke bikes.
    Now I put in my details and it doesn’t offer it anymore. Maybe Havoline has finally made a motorbike oil to sell to us in half the quantity at twice the price.

    Is this motorbike Oil business just a rip off? I know about wet clutches etc and know about the anti friction stuff they put in car oils, but that stuff is in only a few oils eg magnatec ecoblend and most synthetic car oils, but most mineral car oils are still motorcycle specific, so why cant we use them?? is it just an oil company plan to rip us off???
  2. Not another oil thread :evil: Search is your friend.
    Short answer. Run whatever you like. I do and I happen to like bike specific oil :eek:
  3. search for what??
    Thats the point cant find if the havoline oil is still ok, as thats what Ive been using, does anyone use havoline and have they put that friction stuff in it or what??
  4. Maybe not Havoline but oil has been done to death on NR (and all other forums) I meant do a NR search. You'll find some interesting info on "diesel" oils.
    You may have to ring the Havoline Importers (Caltex) 02 9250 5000
  5. Any search, not even in NR, would do.

    "call Lubelink Advisory Service on 1300 364 169 between 8.00am & 6.00pm (EST) Monday to Friday."

    That's the Caltex info line. They would be the best source.


    Trevor G
  6. After talking to the Caltex oil supplier I usually buy my oil off, they do not sell a specific bike only oil. Well -as of about 12 months ago when I was last talking to them. Looked up all their data sheets & brochures & you are quite correct, same oil for both bikes & automotive use. Starts to make you wonder does it not?
    But if you want to make yourself feel all warm and fuzzy inside, then sure, go & buy a bike specific oil at about twice the price from another manufacturer and feel safe in the knowledge that the extra money you spent is making a world of difference to the longevity of your engine :wink: :wink:
    Hehehehehe -go & do whatever makes you happy.
  7. There's more to bike oil than engine protection. Use a product for it's intended purpose and you cant go wrong. I call it insurance. You call it whatever you like.
  8. Do tell, what more is there? I'm all ears :LOL: :LOL: Got some inside info & holding out on us? You do realise that Caltex is part of the Chevron/Texaco group -not exactly a back yard hack operation. Not good enough to follow their reccomendations on oil suitability?