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Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Pugsly, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. Feeling like a newb :(

    Washed the bike today, lubed the chain, and checked the oil through the window. I live on a hill, so it's hard to say what exactly is level, but it's looking pretty low on oil, which a concern for such a new bike, but that's a different issue.

    Anyhoo, looks like it needs a top up of oil, and I have NFI what to put in it. It had its 1000km service at 60 degrees, it's pretty well on 5000kms, and the next scheduled service is in another 7,000km.

    I'd call 60 degrees, but they're closed until Monday, and I want to go on a nice long ride tomorrow without fear of something nasty happening.

    With synthetic oils, mineral oils, different weights etc etc, I'm concerned about putting the wrong thing in, or too much.

    Like I said... complete newb.

    Any tips apart from "Wait until Monday"?

  2. What kinda of bike do you have ?

    Get it on a flat surface and check your oil. Get an accurate reading so you don't overfill with oil.

    Did you get a manual win your bike? That should have the oil info in it.

    If not try the manufacturers website.
  3. Hi Mick, its a CB500F. Yes, have a book, but since it's copped a service, I thought the oil might be different now. All else failing, I'll use the oil mentioned in the book.
  4. ok, so checked the manual, here is what is says:

    "If using non-Honda engine oil, check the label to make sure that the oil satisfies all of the following standards:
    JASO T 903 standard: MA
    SAE standard: 10W-30
    API classification: SG or higher"

    "Recommended engine oil: Honda 4-stroke motorcycle oil API Service Classification SG or higher, excluding oils marked as "Energy Conserving" or "Resource Conserving"

    and this is the bit that worries me

    "...Do not mix different brands and grades of oil. They may affect lubrication and clutch operation"

    So, SAE 10W-30 4-stroke motorcycle oil should do the trick?
  5. Hi there mate I'd be reticent to use anything other than 10W-40, but if the manual says 10W-30 then so be it; Honda are generally known for their reliability and straightforwardness.

    10W-30 or 40, JASO-MA grade will be fine.

    If you can't find that for some reason try Delo 400 or Gulf Western 10W-40 'Top Dog' diesel oil.

    - boingk
  6. how are you checking the oil? need to get the bike on the balance point and see where it is then. I'm also on a hill and have the same problems you do. but as long as its between the lines its OK.
  7. Checking by warming up for 5 mins, turning off and letting sit for a few then putting on rear paddock stand to try and get everything true. No oil in the window! :(
  8. Make sure you've got the bike vertical when checking the level. The side-stand is usually useless for checking the oil level, as it can make the oil look full when it's empty and that's a bad thing. If you haven't got a stand, get someone else to hold it upright while you check. If it's low, throw in a couple of hundred ml and check again.
  9. Thanks boingk. I'll see what I can find.
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  10. Anyone in the SE of Melbourne that can take a 20 sec look and give a second opinion on my oil level?
  11. Heh, mate I'm in East and I've had a couple of drinks so can't ride out there, otherwise I'd be happy to check yours if you check mine. I've even got some spare 10W-40 here.
  12. I found out the hard way (when I first tried to do an oil change at home) that putting the bike on the paddock stand will show less oil than is actually there. In my case I ended up overfilling the sump with oil by a few hundred mL, then had to drain the excess out again.

    The best way I've found to check the oil is a two-person job: park the bike on a level surface and get your assistant to hold the bike upright while you squint at the oil window. The second best way is to try to do the same thing by yourself, while trying really hard not to end up with a hilarious anecdote about that one time you ended up trapped underneath a bike while trying to do an oil change... I'm open to better suggestions from experienced riders here!
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  13. Actually, the BEST way is to drain ALL the oil out, including replacing the filter, then fill it up again with exactly the manufacturer's recommended amount. Apart from that, everything else is a guess.

    fcuk that. Near enough is good enough :)
  14. I have a older bike but my manual says to take it for a ride then let it sit for 20, not just let it sit at idle to warm up to check the oil.

    try taking it for a quick run.

    when my bike is cold it shows low oil but when warmed up looks full. is that normal?
  15. Firstly - I wouldn't "top it up" if you are low on oil after a recent service I'd dump the lot and start again. You never know - it might not have been done.

    Make sure you take a warm reading.
    Centre stand or kick-stand is fine.

    Not on Paddock stand.

    If on kick-stand just rock the bike towards you (gently) while inspecting the sight glass - the oil should be clear and between the H/L marks.

    If you see nothing (on a warm reading) - dump the lot (again warm) and consult the manual for a replacement volume.

    If in serious doubt spin on a new oil filter - this will increase the volume needed for the change.

  16. I'm in the SE, but I wouldn't rely on my opinion.
  17. If I rock the bike, the oil comes into the sight glass (clear). I used the paddock stand to try and get the bike as level as possible - I'm on a hill, no level ground around the house. I might just go for a ride and find a flat parking lot.

    I've got a motorcycle maintenance course coming up late Sept, but I don't want to wait until then if my oil is actually low.
  18. Mate...
  19. Warm the bike up and then let it sit for 5 minutes. Then get someone to hold the bike straight up and check the oil level.

    If it need topping up then call the workshop and ask what oil did they put it, and use that.
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    Last edited: Aug 31, 2013
    paddock stand is probably raising the back and the oil goes forward. is it the same without it?

    ps to do mine by myself, I put a block of wood under the sidestand so its closer to upright then crouch down and gently pull it towards me until it gets to the balance point. wait a bit, then back on the stand. if you do it just after its serviced you know what to aim for.
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