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Oil- what would you do???

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Churro Monster, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. Hypothetical question here. 12 month old bike, has done 2000 kms from new, one owner, mainly 100 km trips on sunny days. Doing a big trip soon. Would you drop the oil before you left, or would it still be fine? Its a 650 twin, ridden very nicely. Does Synthetic oil go a bit off ?

  2. it'd still be in the 'run in' period wouldn't it? in which case you'd probably want to check the manual to see when it should be done :)

    otherwise, i'd say nah, if it was a few years, maybe, but i doubt that oil has seen the end of its life....
  3. Presuming it had it's correct 1,000km oil and filter change, you would be fine.

    Not really, certainly not in that time period.
  4. New oil (semi synth would be fine to keep the cost downI suppose) and a new filter for sure. Pretty cheap peace of mind (40 bucks and half hour work?). If still in the run in period, larger amount of metal may be present in the oil. I always like to change the sump plug washer as well. 50 cents.

    I tend to do my bike every 6 months regardless of lack of kays put on it.

    Now me and Coco will go out to the carpark and have a fight about our differing opinions!! :LOL:
  5. The fact that the oil has done some work and has been sitting for a while , Change it 100% , I would not even blink a eye at doing it if it was mine , the amount of shit that could be sitting in it would suprise you.

    Just make sure you get it warmed up before you drop the oil and filter , if you want to be 100% sure do a oil flush with a cheaper oil .

    The damage you do at the start is there for ever , as is the same for any care you take off it.
  6. Over time oil will break down - lighter elements evaporate off and certain additives (ie viscosity modifiers) lose effectiveness. Of course how long this takes depends on the oil used and climate conditions. Oil's cheap, at the very least change that (preferably filter too) then you won't have to worry about it on the trip.
  7. Thankyou all. I feel better, I thought it was best to change it too but heard otherwise. Netrider, a wealth of information!! Youre all very lovely. I am off to Mt.Gambier tomm morning. Try not to strangle each other whilst Im gone :grin:
  8. You haven't said how often the oil has been changed or when the last change was. If you did it last week clearly you don't need to worry. If it hasn't been done in 6 months you should probably turn off the computer now, and go buy some oil and a filter. :wink: :)
  9. Um, the bike is actually on the way to Mt.Gambier now..........
  10. That would be the canadians twin ?
  11. WHAT!!!! you dare to disagree with the coco :?: :!: :?:

    sir, i demand satisfaction. i challenge you to a duel *slap!*
  12. Bingo! Bangr. Subject of oil change was brought up the other day and I just wanted to make sure I was right. Which is always. Just ask Shaun!! :) he doesnt read this forum so Im safe. :wink:
  13. Fine then don't listen to us.

    Me and Coco will just keep fighting by ourselves then. :p
  14. You are two very naughty boys and shall go to bed without any supper!
  15. :shock:

    i'll be good :oops: