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oil tubes

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by smiley235, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. hey all, I found out where my bike is leaking oil. Its a very slow leak (2 drops a night) and seems to be coming from a a little rubber tube pointing towards the ground under where the rear brake is. Is it possible this is a breather tube or overflow tube of somesort and if so, does any1 know where it should plug back into. I think this may have something to do with the rough idle I get sometimes and rough engine operation. Its an across btw,

  2. That rubber tube is most likely the air box drain tube and should have plug in it. The Across pumps alot of oil up into the air box and should be drained weekly.
  3. Sounds like a bit of a chore for a modern bike.

    Maybe you can reroute the pipe to discharge onto your chain to give it a little extra lubrication?
  4. does sound a bit of a prehistoric task to be draining it weekly, its a 97 model if they're any different to earlier models. I might block it up and see what happens.
  5. Ours had the same problem, no plug.

    It says to drain when you service the bike. Ours didn't cause any trouble doing it every 5000km.
  6. ok, i've taken off the fairing for a closer look and I dont think its those tubes. Here are closeup's of where I can see oil leaking out of, can any1 suggest what happening here? maybe a seal broken or something?



  7. thats the signal generator wires not a tube, they operate ignition timing from the crank. take that cover off with those 3 small (6mm???) nuts holding it on. dont worry, its safe to do, theres no gasket to replace or anything. just check that inside the cover isnt flooded with oil, there shuld be NO oil at all in there :shock:

    if there is..... lets hope its not a seal or bearings cause bottom end work = big bucks.
    If its not a significant amount then maybe just deal with cleaning regularly caus my (uneducated) guess it it will cost alot to fix, and its prob just a $5 part that needs replacing aswell :?

    It might just be oil running down the motor from sumwhere else and is just dripping from those wires maybe?
  8. ok, well if its safe to take off that cover, i'll do so tomorrow and have a geez. hoping its nothing bad :(. With my bike running a little rough, I honestly think there is a leak of some sort somewhere.
  9. Hey Cam,
    let us know if you need a hand dude
  10. Thanks nick, well I took that cover off and there is no oil in there at all!! So i'm stumped. I've placed some white paper under it to try and determine the exact point of the leak. I'll post what I find tomorrow. Might get you to jump on the bike nick when the engine is warm, take it for a spin and see if you notice the roughness I speak of.
  11. well smiley u dont sound too happy bout it but thats really good news that there no oil in there :grin:

    sounds like just one of those pesky oil leaks :?
    lettuce know if you find where its coming from
  12. Thanks heaps mate, I can rest easy in the hope there is no bottom end damage. Pesky oil leak is exactly that. Well lets see what tomorrow shows up