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Oil - Suzuki GS500F

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by The Mint Man, May 26, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,
    I have no idea of what oil to use in my 2004 Suzuki GS500F which I recently bought....
    I would look in the manual but the owner had lost it so I didn't get that when I bought the bike and I didn't think to ask what he was using at the time.
    I recently checked the dip stick and thought that I would like to add a little bit of oil... it was then I realised that I should probably find out whats best for it. LOL.
    The bike has only done about 14000K so its in good nick and I would like to keep it that way!


  2. Mate,

    Check with others but after looking in my Gixa manual, the recommended oil type, for most bike in general, for 'normal' riding is 10W40...covers a range of 0 - 40 deg C inclusive, the temperature range within which a motorbike, in most parts of Australia, resides.

    I don't have my GS500F manual handy at the moment, but I'll confirm this figure as soon as I can for you.
  3. a quick google says:

    SAE 10W/40 (min of SE or SF grade)
  4. I'm using Dello 400 in mine.
  5. yes mate '' 10W/40 synthetic any good bike shop will advise you .

    check the oil once a week on center stand

    happy riding :grin:
  6. Must.. do... that....
    Smacks own head and says slowly to self .. m a i n t e n a n c e
  7. once a week..... i do it like once every time i think of it....

    at least i lube my chain... i know this guy, never lubes it, didnt know he had to, just let the guy at teh service do it =/
  8. I use 10w40 during winter and slightly thicker 15w50 during summer, because the bike spends a lot of time sitting stationary on hot tarmac slowing cooking itself.

    Everyone has different opinions on what brand of oil to use and more generally whether to use a mineral oil (dinosaur juice), a more expensive semi-synthetic oil (part dino juice, part man-made), or a much more expensive fully-synthetic oil (overkill in this case).

    Roarin started a thread where he and others have advocated the use of Caltex Delo 400, a mineral fleet oil (i.e. used in petrol/diesel cars/trucks/bikes) which can be bought from your Caltex servo for $45 ish for 5 litres, or $92 ish for a 20 litre drum at a Caltex supply depot.

    I'm thinking of using Penrite HPR GAS 10, a semi-synthetic fleet oil that can be bought from Autobarn or a similar automotive store for around $45 for 5 litres. Penrite is Aussie owned and made, and my car mechanic has used Penrite on my car for eight years with excellent results.

    My motorcycle mechanic swears by Motul 5100, a semi-synthetic motorcycle oil that can be bought for around $65 for 4 litres from a motorcycle store. However, whether or not a semi-synth 'motorcycle oil' holds in practice any significant advantage over a motorcycle compatible semi-synth fleet oil, is debatable.

    The most important thing about motorcycle oil is to replace it regularly. Oil deteriorates and accumulates contaminants with use. The harder you ride your bike, the more often you should replace the oil. I ride full throttle all the way to red-line all the time, and as such replace the engine oil every 4000 km. If on the other hand you ride at a more moderate pace, 6000 km with one of the above oils should be fine.

    Remember to replace the oil filter as well, they cost $12 - $20 ish depending on the bike. As cheap a form of insurance as you will ever find. Gets positive karma flowing between you and your bike too. :grin:
  9. Thanks for the replies people! Very helpful...
    As a person coming from a car background I must admit I felt like a goose asking the question but thought I better be safe than sorry.
    I have always done my own work on cars (besides major internal stuff) and intend to do the same with the bike so the replies are much appreciated.
    I have been riding to Canberra from the Central Coast NSW (about once a month), about a 400k trip, so most of the k's on the bike will be highway riding, sits around 6500-7000 RPM.... Obviously when the bike is in Canberra it can get quite cold so thanks for the tip speed_demon and nickers.

  10. No problem, The Mint Man.
    Sounds like fun riding to Canberra ! Been on the cards for a while. Enjoy, stay safe..and KEEP WARM... Canberra ??? Brrrrrr... 10 days in a tent in the middle of April sealed my impression of Canberra..in the cold months, anyway :)
    Cheers mate.
  11. Haha yeh... you quickly learn what parts of the body get cold and search for ways to fix it. I got cought out a few weeks back when it waas meant to be 10-17 degree but it enden up only reaching a max of 10 and was actually 6-7 degree when I was riding.... can we say numb hands LOL.
    I now have these thik socks that are rated up to 30 below, liners for the gloves, thick balaclava, neck warmer and a blue wiggles top just in case..... I use a combination of these depending on the temp. Sometimes (like yesterday) I will put some of the gear on half way down because its warmish anywhere before Campbell town and cold after Sutton Forrest/ Goulbourn.
  12. Ended up getting Motul 5100.
    One strange thing I noticed about it is that it smells fruity.... seriously, when I opened it I could smell this fruity smell so at the risk of looking like a weirdo I sniffed it... sure enough it smells nothing like oil.
    Dead set, the next time you get the chance open a bottle up and smell it. What do they do, put a perfume in it or something? maybe thats why its $65.

  13. You must be going at it... Only 5000-5500 rpm in 6th at the legal limit of 100 - 110. Have you got stock gearing?
  14. Yes mint man that's a point 5000 to 5500 rpms is around 100ks on my GS

    Go as fast is YOU'' like but you don't want to do your licence

    I haven't rid-en up there so don't know if there's revenue raising cameras around ;;; :grin: :grin:

    take care
  15. My GS ran about 5500 revs at a true 100kph on the standard sprockets (now have 17t on the front), but the speedo read 110 as it is 10% optimistic.
    Worth checking with a GPS so you know what its really doing IMHO.
  16. Interesting.
    Esters are what give real fruit its fruity smell, thats probably why it smells fruity. Different esters have different smells, so I wouldnt expect that there would be much of the fruit smelling esters. I wonder if they add it just for smell (it would only have to be a miniscule amount, esters have a VERY strong smell) or whether the fruity ones actually help the oils performance.

    Esters are used to give perfume its different smells, so technically, yeh, they did put perfume in it. Pretty funny when you think about it.