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Oil Sump Bolt Thread Sadness

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by vladpp, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Haven't posted much for a while cause i was too busy enjoying life on two wheels.

    Alas my stupidity got the better of me (again).

    So last Thursday i was in a hurry to work, parked the bike outside the building, this was the day i decided it was too much of a hassle to carry my usual 5kg chain in my pack so just used the steering lock and walked off.

    Later that day as i'm photocopying various papers of an office nature i have the shocking realization that I FORGOT THE CLOSE THE FUEL TAP.

    So of i run to turn it off. There is a puddle of petrol underneath the bike, i think nothing of it, turn the tap off and walk back to work, thinking it would evaporate by the time i get back.

    Then i work for about 4 hours.

    After witch i get back to the bike, fully geared up, music playing, ready to depart before peak hour traffic.

    Key in, kill switch off, thumb the starter and CLICK. Nothing happens, so i do it again. It clicks and nothing happens. Now my battery is fine and i can hear the starter motor move a tiny tiny bit, so it cant be my battery.


    I hydro locked the engine. Got towed home.

    Today i went and bought some fresh oil cause i was under the impression there was fuel in my oil. Later i found out that it was fine and an oil change was/is a waste of money.



    I turned the oil drain bolt the wrong way and striped the thread on the sump. And now its leaking a fair amount. By fair amount i mean all, cause after tightening it, i was able to take it out by hand and bottle the oil for future use.

    I can't get a new sump because the stoped making my bike a good 25 years ago. I've heard of helicoils and seems to be the way to go, but don't know where to get it, or if i should just go to a mechanic with the sump in hand.
  2. Talk about a little problem getting HUGE :shock:

    Sorry to hear, but your fuel tap should not be leaking if it's switched "on" - so that's another thing to get sorted while ya getting a new sump bolt and thread
  3. wreckers your best chance, mechanic probs do the same thing.

    Also as i found out, the washer is meant to be replaced every, as its made of soft metal which gets squished up on the stump and creates a seal.
  4. Its actually not a hugely bad scenraio as far as stripped bolts/threads go, but you have now been introduced to the concepts of torque, torque wrenches and alloy threads tolerances to said forces. I learnt exactly the same way on my 1st bike, several helicoils later :?
    Take it to the man and pay him but ask to watch or at least explain the process. Personally I would pull the sump and helicoil or re-tap it, or get new sump pan from wreckers. Good luck :grin:
  5. Sorry to hear that but it happens.

    Am helicoils will do the trick but you will have to tap it for the helicoil to go in so might as well just get an oversizes tap and the just get a hex head crew for it with a washer. I personally don't think a helicoil is the best solution for this.

    My suggestion would be take your sump plug to a hardware store and ask them if they can give you a gun tap for the next size up. Explain the situation to them.

    You will have to drill the thread out to a specific diameter depending on what size tap you get.

    It will cost you about $30 if that to fix. If your not confident then take it to a mechanic. But its a piece of piss.
  6. Just take the sump to a mechanic or similar. I bought a bike with a stripped sump thread, it cost me $50 to get it fixed with a helicoil which is much stronger than the thread in the alloy sump.
  7. Not as hard as you think, but take it to someone with a tap and die set.

    Fix that fuel tap. The oil change was not a waste. You only think that it was.
  8. I don't think the tap its broken, its not a vacuum tap. If anything the seals in the carbs aren't sealing that well.

    I'm gonna take the sump off next weekend when i have time.
    Thanks for the info.
  9. I did the same stupid thing on my 250. Luckily it wasn't as bad, I was able to get it in some of the way so I smeared some grease around the bolt, put it in as far as it would go and got to my mechanic as fast as possible where they were able to retap it.
  10. We all make mistakes, the only idiots are those that repeat them.

    Definitely, for peace of mind, take it to someone, but use the $$ numbers given here as reference. When they come back and suggest $500 go elsewhere.

    Good luck and happy riding.
  11. Get someone who knows what they're doing and has the right equipment to re-tap oversize or helicoil it. Its too easy to do it yourself and not get it tapped dead square, then it won't seal properly. I know!
  12. The gearbox oil change on my rmx turned out the same, sombody had cross threaded it in the past, plug was tight to come out, tightish to go in, and kept turning..... so I was ratshit or so I thaught. "thread repair" in the yellow pages or google or whatever, theres mobile guys that can come repair it, no need to take stuff apart, with me I just chucked the bike on its side and he did it from there, but yea, $60 and i'm peaches. (brought the bike there myself)
  13. I had a look for mobile thread repair and only found the guys in Sydney. So this morning i borrowed some tools and took of the exhaust headers and sump bolts. but the bloody thing wont budge...

    EDIT: never mind, i managed to pry it off with a chisel.