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Oil Stained Brain - A two day long celebration of custom two-wheeled creations

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by jimmy_g, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. Hey guys and gals!

    I'm co-hosting a motorcycle exhibition at Thousand Pound Bend Gallery in Melbourne CBD in November and thought there would be a few from here interested in the event!

    We have some very unique and extremely talented builders displaying their creations as well as some amazing artists. Its also a great opportunity to see some of your favorite moto-inspired short films on the big screen!

    There's a few bikes on here that I would love to see on display at Oil Stained Brain!

    Keep up to date on facebook;

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  2. Beers and bikes what's not to like about it.
  3. Ha! I thought that was your bike on the website for this gig, just been reading about it on Return of the Cafe Racers.

    Brilliant stuff - I have wanted to do a show like this since I got 'The One Motorcycle' book of the show in Portland.

    Bugger me though, the Runcible is only half built and the VFR750 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrel' conversion has just begun.

    But I do know of an original condition 1950's 'Guzzi 75cc two stroke cafe racer sitting in a shed - interested in showing it if I can talk the old fella into loaning it out?

    PM me it you want a hand setting up the space - I used to do a lot of this for a job.
  4. i'm planning on going to this
  5. The One Motorcycle Show is a big inspiration for OSB. You've still got 5 months to finish them ha. ;). The Guzzi sounds interesting, would be keen for some more info and availability!

    Appreciate the offer of giving us a hand to set up, I'll take you up on that!
  6. Excellent! We are thinking along same lines.

    I am in USA right now but back on 3 August and happy to help out.

    The old Guzzi is a late 50's or early 60's Cardelino -

  7. locked in the date ... and spread'n the word...
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  8. what's the definition of "custom" bike creations?
    an old bike sitting in a shed isn't really "custom" in my book?
    no offense, but i have 4 old bikes sitting in a shed, but i don't call them 'custom".

    Can someone define what they're after a bit better?
  9. Good point.

    I only offered up the old Guzzi as a possible 'prop' to decorate the space, it is certainly not a custom bike. Hopefully the place gets full of custom bikes and there is no room for anything else.

    By the way - what have you got in the shed...?
  10. This sounds awesome! We'll definitely get along and spread the word. Might even see if I can get my Pa along.
  11. The line up for this show is looking pretty darn good, I am glad you got Christian to stay off his 350 long enough for you to show it!
  12. Good stuff it coincides with all the other events.
  13. Which events are you thinking of?

    By the way - I was at the Meat Market Craft Centre today to check it out for a steampunk event I am exhibiting at this Saturday night, wow - what an amazing space for a bike show!

    You can ride right in and line up on the cobblestones - the beams are strong enough to hang bikes from, plus there is a bar and a pub next door.

    Maybe next year?
  14. Maduncle
    The Moto Gp
    Melb Cup, a snowy mtn ride ,theirs also i think a motorcycle show at the exhibition buildings not sure what date though but also in Nov,
  15. MotoGP - 26 - 28th Oct
    Melbourne Cup - Tuesday 6th Nov (but who really cares)
    Australian Motorbike Expo - 23 -25th November

    Oiled Stained Brain fits perfectly into a weekend where MotoGp isn't even on the telly !

    Plus being a public holiday on the Tuesday of is tradition to chuck a sickie on the Monday.

    Get amongst it !
  16. Okay - I bought my tickets for the Saturday night gig.

    I have a garage sale on the morning of the 3rd, so looks like I will be there for the evening gig and probably back the next day for a movie or two and a second look at the bikes.

    And if Jason and Herm from Dime City Cycles turn up - I will start giggling like a school girl.
  17. So - who is going to Oil Stained Brain on Saturday night?
  18. What's happening Saturday night? I thought it was just an exhibition?
  19. Sheez!!!! Haven't you checked out the website? Saturday night is the OSB party with drinks, music and the bike builders. Tickets are selling fast.
  20. I checked it months ago, decided I was going, job done until it's time to get there.