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Oil spraying from exhaust - ZZR250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Cowboy Mac, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. hi all,

    I've just done an oil/filter change on my 2002 ZZR250 (11,000kms) using a Kawasaki oil filter following the service manual including tightening both the oil drain bolt and oil filter bolt to spec using a torque wrench. I filled with 5100 20w40 Motul oil.

    The bike is running really smooth now, but I've noticed that oil is coming from a small hole on the underside in each exhaust (it is drilled and meant to be there) and there seems to be a little more visible exhaust fume than it did before. The oil spray is very fine and I noticed it because of the discoloration of the ground near each exhaust.

    I have literally just changed it, and haven't ridden it yet. Has something gone wrong or is this kind of thing expected just after an oil/filter change?

  2. update: I've just gone for a ride and rechecked it all, the visible fumes seem to have gone and there is no spray now. Seems like it just needed to be run a little after the change.
  3. How long since the bike was run?
    It could have been carbon and soot mixed with condensation if it had been sitting for a day or 2.
  4. I haven't ridden it for a few days, but did ride it this morning for 30 mins to pick up the oil filter. I'm feeling better about it now because it has stopped spraying, main cause of concern was that I'd screwed up the oil filter change.
  5. +1 CBR250 does the same thing :)
  6. +2

    Perfectly normal, particularly on vehicles that do a lot of urban work and don't often get thrashed hard enough to burn most of the soot out of the pipes.

    Never stand directly behind a freshly started vehicle in pale trousers :grin: .
  7. thats what it is. warm it up at a slightly higher idle. if you start it and let it suffer at 1K you can water the lawn.