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Oil spill in cnr Liverpool and Kent St (Sydney CBD)

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' at netrider.net.au started by NOT4US, May 23, 2012.

  1. Oil (coke!!!) spill in cnr Liverpool and Kent St (Sydney CBD)

    Just a warning to anyone that travels this way on their commute.
    Coming to work this morning I rode into a big oil spill int he corner of Liverpool and Kent Streets in the Sydney CBD. I slide off and the poor FZ6 took all the damage (usual: bent handlebar, scratched frame and engine cover).
    Thanks god for ATTGATT as my overpants and boots took all the damage and came out great (only a scratch in the pants) and all I've got is a little abrasion on my wrist.
    Isn't it funny that this happened just the week that I was putting money aside to buy some oggy knobs? I guess that's how it works...
    Was cleaning the boot from the oil and noticed it was really sticky, then it hit me:
    It's not oil, it's coke (or some sort of soft drink)!!! It was streaming down from a delivery truck in the corner of George and Liverpool.
    Never before had a n accident because of a spilled soft drink but there you go...
  3. That's weird!
    I hope you got the truck's rego since it was "obviously" cola - it will help you avoid an insurance excess...
  4. I didn't get he truck rego because I didn't think they had anything to do with it at the time, I only realized after I got into work and saw that the supposed oil was stickier than usual.
    Then I remembered the truck and the supposed oil running down the street and that's when I put two and two together...
    I may call the pub they were delivering to (Three Monkeys) and see if I can get anything from them but I doubt it.
  5. Yeah I suspected that might be the case.
    I strongly recommend you do chase it up - if you can't name the responsible party you pay your standard excess, plus any "inexperienced" or "young" rider excesses.
    Sorry - that's a bit obvious isn't it?
    I'd just hate to see you out of pocket for this...
  6. Thank you for the advice NiteKreeper,.
    I've now gone back there to get more details (is only 5 minutes from work) and when I got there I saw the road had been covered in dirt/sand to prevent more accidents!
    I spoke to the guys at the pub and they confirm that the Coke truck spilled coke and they had to call the Fire Brigade to clean it so I got the number for the Coke and I'm taking to them now to get the truck details and the insurance thing shorted.
    I didn't know wether to get insurance involved to prevent the excess (btw, no "inexperience" or "young" rider excess for me, well over 30 and been riding since 12) since I thought it was just a random oil spill, but I'm calling QBE right now to get everything sorted.
  7. Good work, and good luck with it...
  8. Thanks! I go pass there everyday. Hope everything works out for you.
  9. Guess what people?
    It's going to be a write-off :(
    The assessor told me that due to the frame being damaged at the engine-mount point (see pic) the bike would be a write-off (still waiting for insurance company to confirm).
    My bike is insured for market value so I'm sure they'll try to go as low as possible, but since I added around $2000 worth of extras and I'm not at fault (Coca Cola insurer would be paying) I'm going to try and get every penny back, so wish me luck!
    BTW, Coca-Cola insurance department is onto it. I've talked to them a few times today and they seem eager to get this solved, hope they do...

    Engine mount damage:
  10. Aw that sucks to hear dude...
    But I'm really happy to hear that you got onto CCA and it sounds like it will all go smoothly for you.

    Tripped over coke eh? Who the **** woulda thought of that?!