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Oil recommendations?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by matt_thebaker, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. Im not sure what to do right now, Im about to do an oil change on my bike, and I have around 3 litres of semi synthetic 15w-40 oil, which is about half a litre short of what I need :evil: But I have a few litres of a mineral base 15w-50 oil which I used on my old heap I had before this one. Do you think it will damage the engine if I use the mineral base oil and do another oil change sooner, like when the synthetic oil is on special again, :grin: or am I best off sticking to one kind all the time?Any help would be appreciated.Thanks

  2. Probably wouldn't cause any problems mixing the two oils but your best option might be to see if any of the bike shops have the semi-synth you're using in 1L containers.
  3. Well you'd normally stick to the same kind but it wouldn't hurt anything to mix and match.
  4. Sorry if i wasnt clear, I meant only using the mineral based oil, not actually mixing them together.Ill keep the synthetic for next time, when I get off my butt and buy some more
  5. Did your old bike have a wet clutch?

    If so and the oil you are useing is the same as the one you used previously, then it should be fine.

    If not, then I would put a mineral oil in the Suzi.
  6. In something as low tuned as a GSX750F you will see no detriment or ill effects. You could even get away with using car oil. I know plenty of folk who do in similar bikes.
  7. Low tuned pfft...............my bike is a BEAST!Well, compared to my old DT 175 anyway. Seriously though, thanks for the advice OBMonkey.
  8. i use castrol rx super (diesel oil) and its great, gear changes are nicer as well
  9. It is really a personal choice from what I understand as synthetic oils have less friction but it all comes down to what additives have been added.
  10. As long as it it is a motorcycle specific oil there should be no problems swaping from synth to minereal and vice versa.

    ON older bikes that have been running mineral for a long time I would NOT sugest swiching to synth as the oil can was away some of the deposits the oil has laid down over the years. Your engine could be held together by these deposits (taken from expiriance)
  11. I'll keep that in mind - that was s/thing that I wasn't aware of before!

    I use either Pennzoil or Shell Advantage SX (or whatever it is - that blue-containered one). I find either are reasonably priced.
  12. Pennzoil (i don't know if they make bike oil??) is good and I have been using it (car semy synth) in my old bike for nearly 90,000km

    BUT I would strongly recomend MOTUL 5100... I have had bad expiriances with shell and I'm boycoting it for that reason AND what they are doing in Africa...
  13. I am using Castrol GTX3 in my bike as it is a good price, shows no sign of foaming and get good gear changes. Just make sure that you have enough oil in it, it is changed regularly and that it is the right specification. In a bike like yours (and mine) high spec oils are not really necessary unless you hammer it everywhere

    PS Nice Avitar
  14. I had motul 5100 put into my bike at the 1k service(after reading about it being really good) and thought that the gear changes werent quite as smooth when i got it back... Ive just changed the oil again at 5k and put the original yamaha stuff back in and it seems to feel good again.

    But im far from an expert with bikes so i could just be dreaming it all up... im not sure :oops:
  15. I found the "original" oils like what Kawasaki, Yamaha, etc. use is usualy big brand like Mobil 1 or Shell... some use Motul any way... just different package..
  16. LOL that page is SO old it NEEDS an update... some of the oils mentioned in it have been withdrawn from market coz they have been superseded.

    I have read this page about 4-5years ago...
  17. Canola oil ( gotta watch that colesterol it will kill ya)
  18. Could somebody tell me if it is safe to use Castrol Magnatec (an SAE 10-40 SM/CF) in my GPX250?
  19. Theres some interesting info Here