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Oil + Rain + Corner + Inattentive rider = Unusual perspective of the bitumen

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by AznCruiser, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. Had an off a couple of minutes ago on Doonside Rd and Bungarribee Rd roundabout. The usual culprit of rain, oil and traffic. Basically didnt scan the road well enough (too busy scanning cagers turning around everywhere) to notice a dinner plate size oil patch mid corner. Luckily the Falcon cager didnt run me over and helped me lift the bike up, and point out the oil. Actually I shouldn't call the guy a cager since he also rides bikes.


    I was lucky with this one. The bike didn't seem to suffer much (crosses fingers) and most importantly I wasn't hurt. I was basically going at fairly low speeds and taking thee wet conditions into account but the bike just slid under me. My foot, my saddlebag filled with groceries, my foot peg, and my Jardines basically held the bike up as it slid across the road and into the gutter, preventing more serious damages to myself and the bike.

    Being in the digital camera age, the first thing I whipped out when I arrived home was my trusty digital. Ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure.

  2. see, karma for wrecking the learners course and riding a cruiser :D

    never nice to hear of anyone going down, glad to hear you are ok, take that as a lesson learnt for next time :)
  3. Nice job on scratching the pipes. It's always nice when you have an audience too hey?

    Glad you didn't loose any skin though. Wet sucks.
  4. Glad to hear you're ok. Those poor Jardines look like they've had better days
  5. I think that will be a rather painless repair. Even the pipes. Choice of sand-bog-sand-paint, or get them rechromed, or just whack a new skin, or even an outer skin!
  6. I always fear that happening. Very glad to hear you wernt hurt, although Im sure it would have shaken you up a fair bit.
  7. Why do you ride a bike you can't lift up on your own?
    Perhaps that was a factor in you little "off".
  8. Yeah its always been a worry of mine, its one of those things that is very hard to anticipate. You could go slower but how slow, you can check the road better but at what consequence to the other dangers around you.

    Actually it didnt shake me up at all. Im usually calm and collected during my kodak moments (from my cage experience). The only time I had the shakes was trying to keep up with a supercar in the wet along the M4.....who knew that the car would break traction at 110km. Fishtailing at 110km isnt what I call fun.

    Who said I cant lift the bike up on my own? Ive done it couple of times (not because of an off). In saying that its always best to accept help and park the bike away from dangers/traffic as quickly as possible.

    After hearing Mav's new and much louder exhaust maybe it was fate. Maybe its my exhausts way of comitting Seppuku lol :-s.
  9. Nah no skin lost luckily, im surprised my raincoat jacket survived without any visible damage. Its not leathers, not designed for that kind of thing and I definately remember sliding on them.

    Man I hate being the centre of attention. Cagers love to have a look see.

    Hopefully this Karma person will give me a new Vance and Hines system, afterall I did give you that sticky tape. If not then can I borrow your gun? Ive got a score to settle with a guy named Karma :p.
  10. Jeezus Krist; you really ARE a d*ickhead, aren't ya?!:-s:jerk:
  11. Got you right there nob.
  12. yeah man i always scrape my pegs there, and the visibility aint that great once you're in it anyway thanks to the stupid vegetation planted in the middle.

    luckily it was only a slow speed fall, and lucky as well that oil patch wasnt on the down hill run into that intersection, could've been messy.

    looks like you accounted well for yourself, did you make it home safely from Starbucks ok? :)

  13. Same. Im love scraping my pegs there, theres a patched up bit of bitumen on the inside of the round about that your footpegs can dig into. Cagers going left and right on the downhill usually treat this roundabout as a straight bit of road. This and the one prior (close to the school) has had its fair share of accidents. The downhill run would have been a longer slippery ride.

    I didn’t even make it to Starbuck yesterday. Went to the 8:20 showing of Tron and expected to relax at Sarbucks afterwards, was gutted to find out SB with its lights off, I didn’t expect Tron to be that long.
  14. **** me dead. :LOL: ](*,)
  15. Keep the scratches.

    That way you can say your cruiser got in a fight with another cruiser :D

    Good to hear you are ok. What stepped first? Back or front? Did it all happen really fast? Just trying to work out if you could have done something different.
  16. Contrary to beliefs held by many Netriders, non-MC specific clothing can stand up to being crashed in surprisingly well. Of course, sometimes it won't. But then, some supposed bike gear won't either. Good to hear yours did.

    As others have said, be honest with yourself and learn what you can from your off.
  17. Like the blackbird, those chunky exhausts look like good frame sliders. :D

  18. All taken care of Ninja, ive already showed my mates the bikes bad ass battle scars, they still think I lost to a BMX rider or scooter j/k.

    The front stepped out first, basically already leaning on the corner and trying to keep the throttle as steady and smooth as possible. The bike had grip one millisecond and like a switch went into a slide, trapping my foot between the road and the bike. The most immediate thing I thought of during the slide was getting my foot free, sliding away from the bike, looking for any cars around me and being aware of the gutter………after the slide it was how I felt and how the bike fared………then it was trying to get the bike and myself to a safer place…….then the usual “oh my god everyone’s staring at me” embarrassing period lol.

    Going into the round about I took particular care of being smooth, going slower than normal, and also trying as best to follow where the tire tracks would have been. Any advice on how to avoid this same situation would be greatly appreciated.
  19. A great excuse to getting bigger and louder pipes :). Not only do they make your presence known to other motorists but they also act as a buffer.
  20. Depends on what the oil was and how it got there. I notice there's a petrol station in the vicinity. That always rings alarm bells in my head with regard to overfilled diesel tanks spilling on the first couple of significant corners. By their very nature, diesel spills tend to occur on the outsides of lanes so it's worth maintaining a tight line to avoid outer edges. Plus general caution, of course.

    Diesel also smells quite distinctive, so, if you're lucky and the wind's in the right direction, your nose might alert you to a big spill.

    If it was just a single random splosh of something slippery, they're harder to guard against. Riding smoothly and keeping a good forward scan going is about all you can do.