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Oil questions

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by dbrain, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. Hey guys,

    I have a Street Triple 660 (2014), and between servicing I haven't done anything to it oil related, coming up to 30k service.
    I just "checked" the oil as per the manual. Let it idle in neutral on kickstand for 5 mins, turned off let it sit for 3 mins, took dip stick out cleaned off, put dip stick back in, sat on bike to get it upright, checked dip stick.

    It looks like it's just below / sitting on the "low" indicator. Based on unlabeled notches on my dip stick.
    I take it this means it probably wants some more oil?

    The manual says it wants:
    I have no idea what's in it currently. Dealer did it and I never saw a rundown of what was done. Is it fine to just put something that matches the specs in the bike mixing with whatevers in there?
    Any best increment to add this oil?
    I take it the oil should reach near the "upper" marking?

    So run down of dumb questions:
    1. Sitting on/just below low line means I should top it up, right?
    2. Safe to top off with any oil that meets specs (not knowing whats in there currently)?
    3. What should the goal oil level be? Near, but below, the upper line?
    4. Any best increment to add this safely? (100ml?)
    5. Do I need to go through the starting and warming the bike stuff every time, or should it be ok once warmed?

  2. Yep
    Until you are familiar with how much oil the bike can take based level on your dipstick, small increments is good. If it is way below max probably you should be able to do more. On my bike, for example, there is about 500 Ml between min and max marks but each bike could be different. But until you get familiar with it best to keep small increments 100 ml should be fijne.
    If warm should be ok but remember it may take a little while for oil level to settle after you add.

    And there are no dumb questions. But on Netrider there are heaps of dumb answers.
  3. 1. Yes
    2. Yes, you're not putting a lot in anyway
    3. Yes. Maybe more middlyish
    4. No idea. I just slurp it in in bits.
    5. OK once warmed.

    too slow she cried
  4. Awesome, thanks heaps! Went out and got some oil that matched all the specs (Silkolene Pro 4 10w40), will top it up tomorrow morning.
  5. I second these silly oil questions.

    My bike oil level appears to be down to low level mark (as viewed thru sight glass). Oil also appears to be very black. Has done 4,000 km since first (1,000 km) service. Bike also seemed to be running a touch hotter than normal on ride yesterday - thought it was just due to hot day and pushing hard up and down the mountain twisties.

    Is the oil cooked and should be replaced or top up is ok?
  6. Hooray, topped it up this morning. Now its just below the upper line. Maybe my fans will take longer to come on on the hot days to come.
    On a funny/lucky note, my oil filler plug was on really loosely. It opened without any force at all. Not sure if this was vibration related or on the last service it wasn't tightened up properly, but lucky I checked it.
  7. You're approaching what it probably a common change interval (6000Km). Check your manual to be sure when it is. Until then just top it up. I prefer to keep it at the top mark, but that's just a personal preference. So long as it's between the marks it's close enough. The oil will get darker the longer you go after putting it in. There's a bunch of things that cause this, but just consider it to be wearing out to keep things simple.
  8. Service interval is 12,000km (on a Ducati! OMG), but was planning to do oil and oil filter every 6K
  9. I wouldn't expect oil to get so dark so quickly on a new bike. Check your plugs and see what they look like and check bike isn't running rich.
  10. I would cry changing the bikes oil at 12k. Always change oil and filter at 4-6k max intervals. Simple enough task you can do yourself, assuming you don't be a dickhead and root around with the filter gaskets like someone I know.

    The bikes oil is also its transmission oil, I simply don't understand how the manufacturers allow such large distances between oil changes. 12k seems like abuse to me.
  11. My bike has separate transmission. The oil change on them is 20,000 km, double the engine's.
  12. More car than bike :)
  13. Why wouldn't increased sophistication possibly lead to increased change intervals?
  14. Guess I'll have to learn how to change oil and filter - manual doesn't give instruction on this other than to have it done by dealer. Youtube should have something I imagine.

    What do you do with old oil? how to dispose of?

    How do you know what filter you need and where to get one?
  15. Is this it?

    K&N OIL FILTER KN-153 DUCATI MONSTER 659 - Austraila 11-12, DIAVEL AMG 1198 12

    Used oil can be recycled at local council depot, SuperCrap also often has a drop off bin.

    YT on how to change, but if filter above is correct, then it's a spin on (Threaded Filter), just like a car.

    You will need something mechanical to get the filter loose, even a leather belt can work in a pinch.
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  16. You only need to do it one time in your life... link