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Oil pump flow rates of various motorcycle engines

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Howieau, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. Hey Im working on a dry sump system for a Yahama R6 engine to go into a Formula SAE car and require an oil pump (preferably gerotor but can be spur gear/helical gear) that flows approximately 5.5L/min/1000rpm.

    Does anybody know of a motorbike engine with an oil pump that may flow this volume, or have access to information about oil pumps(motorbike/car/other) and their flow rates, or can give me the contact of someone who might be able to help me.

    Thanks in advance. :)
  2. Have you tried searching or asking on the fsae forums, www.fsae.com
  3. Nobody here wants to help because putting a motorcycle engine into a car is tantamount to sleeping with the enemy. :LOL:
  4. Is this oil pump to be mounted externally? If no, you're stuck with what fits the motor. If yes, just buy an appropriately sized pump to suit.

    www.pauter.com make good gerotor pumps, with and without anular discharge.
  5. Can I ask why? Most modern motorcycle engines have a semi-dry sump lubrication system anyway. Going to a full dry sump system would have little benefit.
  6. Thanks, though funds are tight and buying a pump brand new is a more expensive option. Thats why we are going for a second hand pump, and hence why I ask if anybody knows the flow rates of some pumps that could be sourced second hand.

  7. why do you need the pump? If funds are tight, stick with the standard oil system. Are you trying to lube something else?
  8. For the scavenge pump use a R1 set of gears and machine up some end plates.

    Or use a old CB750 SOHC oil pump they where dry sump anyway

    Bike bandit illustrarated parts catalogues are your friend
    PS CX 500 oil pumps are a seperate unit held in by three bolts and driven by chain

    If cheap enough use two

    Use some timing gears and a toothed pulley setup from the end of the crank to run your scavange pump and simply alter the ratio to ensure that the sump is empty

    Re plumb your original oil pick up to the header tank

    Make sure you have plenty of baffles in the header tank to get overthe froth issue cause the scavange pump will suck oil under normal conditions

    Good luck with it
  9. Go UTS