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QLD Oil on road, Brisbane Northside

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by teef, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. Hi folks,

    I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with this or knows anything more than I do?

    I stress these are all second hand reports, I have not seen this myself.

    It appears possible that some mentally challenged individuals are pouring oil on to the road at sites of some of our most famous twisty sections of road like Mt Glorious and Mt Mee. It seems they are doing this late at night to facilitate "drifting" in cars.

    Of course the first motorcycle rider along the next morning has no hope.

    If this behaviour is ongoing, it needs to be investigated and stopped. My concern is that instances are so isolated that nobody has established a pattern yet to look into.

    A quick Google search has not shown much.

    Does anyone know more than I do about this?
  2. I've not heard of it first hand. Though there are a few roads I've been on recently with that much 'dark crap' all over the road that it could only have been put there on purpose. Placing oil on a road where you know bikes are is a dog act.
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  3. I did a trip last Sunday: Narangba-Dayboro-Mt Mee-Woodford and back via the twisties. I experienced nothing of the sort, at worst there was a bit of gravel and some tree detritus.

    I imagine if someone did start smearing oil around the cops would be on it quickly due to the sudden spike in biker offs. Plus, would said drifter really need oil to break traction on a twisty, hilly road? Water would be cheaper and easier.
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  4. Diesel in a corner is often blamed for someone's f'up ;-)
  5. I have heard the rumours as apparently there were 2 or 3 bikes down on Mount Mee today, my truck driver saw them . mentioned the oil thing to him he pointed out that there would be black marks from cars drifting and thee were none
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  6. Looks like rumors confirmed of diesel on Mt Mee?

    That is not for 'drifting'! Hope they catch the pricks

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  7. I'm confused ... was it Mt Nebo or Mt Mee.
  8. I just saw the post above on social media for the Samford Community page- the original post says Mt Nebo....
  9. I've heard separate rumours of Mt Mee and Mt Glorious ... and now Mt Nebo. All in the same general area. I was wondering if there is a pattern of behaviour by some lowlife here and if so, I wanted to highlight it so that all Netriders at least knew to be careful in those areas, particularly if you take an early morning ride in one of those areas.
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  10. Well its not a rumour since it was me and my mate 4 weeks ago.It was located mt mee hotmix right up the top nearly the last corner.We went round at a steady pace and bang just low sided.So apparently same spot another rider has come of today.
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  11. Tell the MRAQ ... they could use something actually of importance to riders to act on instead of their usual crap ...
  12. Didn't see any oil on Mt Mee Rd today.
  13. Hopefully it was just a phase some psychotic idiots went through.
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  15. Yeah fair call, that's actually the reason I started this post, try to sort fact from fiction
  16. I sincerely hope that it's not intentional. There could be many causes, fuel leak, jerry can in a ute tipped over... This type of stuff really does shit me though.
    A motorcyclist died a few years back in Kureelpa-Dulong area, and for a while there was periodic spillages of diesel all the way up the bends.
    Mapleton State forest is also a popular place for trail bike riders and some idiot put wooden stakes in the ground to bust up tyres. A man was walking with his family and his daughter stepped on one, went through her foot.
    People that DO do this crap have no regard for the safety of anyone and I doubt they realise that they target more than just riders.
    I don't get out to Mt Mee/Glorious/Nebo that often but it's a damned shame that this happens.