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Oil on bricks

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mattb, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. I'm moving house soon and on Thursday the owner comes (at very little notice!) to inspect. Problem is, parking my death-trap wanna-be-brit-bike shit boxes at the front door (because my girl won't let me park them inside, especially after the prying owner complained about that a few years ago) has resulted in oil stains on the red brick paving. So the oil stains are oldish and well-soaked in. What do you recommend to remove them well enough that the landlord doesn't notice? Preferably something I can pick up easily, say from Autobarn.

  2. Engine degreaser, then hit it with a pressure hose.
  3. I believe bunnings sell some sort of primer which you can patch on to the areas with the marks to cover them up so I'd say your best best would be to go there explain them the situation and I'm sure they'll be able to assist.

    My mate that just came to my house suggested the same thing after he looked at my red brick driveway and said he primed his red brick driveway annually to keep it looking clean & shiny.
  4. turn the brick around if its sitting on a layer of sand
  5. I had the same thing happen. I purposely spilt oil over all the remaining bricks and gave it a clean. That way they all looked equally shitty.

    Never did get the bond back from that place. There was also four bullet holes in the back door. I loved living in Annandale.
  6. the question you should be asking is "will a clean spot look worse than the existing mark"
  7. try using some kero to soak it a bit and put kitty litter on top as thats sucks up all the grease and oil, works great on concrete anyway.
  8. Just pour sand on it. Of out sight, out of mind!

    If anyone asks, you really like going to the beach.
  9. ahahahahahahahahaha. what a tosser.

    I'll be willing to help if it turns out to be a hard job. Just call!
  10. At my old place I had my kombi dropping oil everyday, as well as the old MG that decided it was going to dump all it's oil in one night. That was a brick driveway.

    Sugar soap was the miracle cure. Sugar soap and a hose. ;)
  11. a product called CT18. Avail at BP servos. Works so well.
  12. every-day engine degreeser then high pressure hose, just may have to clean all around the marks to make it match in...
  13. The old oil is very difficult to clean especialy from bricks which have soaked it in DEAP...

    Try C.L.R. (Calcium, Lime and Rust) I have used once on a drive way, it it is a belch..