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Oil,Oil everywhere Oil.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Removed_User_6, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. Went for a nice blat before work this morning... Parked the bike (the Gixxer) outside work with the rest of 'em .... About 9:55pm go out and start the beast ready for a blast through the burbs with a couple of the lads, after about 2 min's I see a LARGE puddle of oil under my bike. Kill the engine and remove fairings but I could'nt find the cause.. No apparent seal leaks. Not coming from the filter. :cry: :cry:
    The oil was not there before I started the bike and it lost a lot in a hurry.....

  2. The fact that it lost it afte you started indicates that it is on the high pressure side of the oil galleries.

    If you have an air/oil gix, then it may be just one of the external lines.

    I suggest leaving the fairing off and, with the oil topped up and plenty of rags handy, turn it back on.

    It may be just a ferrule come loose or an o-ring.

    Probale worst case is that its a hole in an oil cooler. In which case take it to a radiator repair place. They should be able to weld it up for you
  3. You didn't say if you have filled it recently. If you did, and accidentally over-filled it, the motor will pump out the extra somehow...

  4. This is my plan... 8) I just gotta retrieve my trailer and get the bike home first....
    Then I'll clean up the engine area and fill 'er up with oil. Hopefully it all spews out where I can see it and can easly fix 'er up....... :?
  5. upside down forks?? I have heard if the fork seal goes it GOES! (and usualy it does it sudenly and leaves a pool of oil)
  6. Did you recently lube your chain? If so did you check to see if the pool was sticky? I know it's basic and no offence intended but this phenomonem still gets me worried sometimes.
  7. Don't have a fairly outlandish practical joker at work, do you??
  8. This was definantly engine oil.... Not fork oil or chain lube :shock:

    If that would be the case then blood WILL flow. I really dont think that would happen at Flying Boot Central... We are a close knit and mainly motorcycling workplace/ community....
  9. So a month down the track, what's the verdict? Find the problem and got it nutted out??
  10. Didn't someone else have a similar problem recently? It turned out that a fuel breather pipe was loose and had let fuel dribble down past the countershaft sprocket and washed a whole lot of accummulated oil from there onto the driveway???