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Oil near kickstand - GS500 - Problem?? Help!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by gracebeey, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Hi guys!

    I was just cleaning up my bike a little, and noticed a bit of oil near where the kickstand and left foot rest is (circled on the picture). I then looked a bit further inside, and noticed a thin line of oil. There's not much of it, but I don't know how it would've gotten there. They also don't appear to be dripping.

    Now, I'll be the first to admit that I know nothing about mechanics. In fact, that's why my Clymer's service manual is currently on its way for my bike, so I can learn a bit about it.

    My bike is a 2003 GS500, 31,000ks on the clock. I've attached a picture to give you an idea.

    I don't know if this is normal or not, honestly I don't remember if this has always been there. If it helps at all, this is taken at 5.30pm, after riding for 30 minutes. I also rode it in the rain this morning.

    Can someone tell me if it's okay or not? I can't get it to the bike shop for another 2 weeks, and I use it to commute everyday, so I'll really appreciate your help!

    Thanks again!

  2. Wth. wow, that oil is really dirty, kinda looks like muddy water :? . I don't know much of anything about the gs500 so i'll leave the help to others.
  3. Is it oil or chain lube? my VFR800 has chain lube all over the side stand where it pivots
  4. Oh.....it could be? :oops: I'm not sure.....I'll say that the picture makes it look a lot dirtier/browner than it actually is though, so maybe it's a bit hard to tell?

    Last time I lubed the chains was about 600ks ago (3 weeks ago). Does that help?
  5. You could look all over your bike to see where the oil is coming from.
  6. yep my bike is the same, chain lube builds up at the top of the stand and sometimes drips down. I'd say that's what's happening on your bike.
  7. bet ya 5 posts its chain lube. All bikes do it if there's a decent amount of lube on the chain. Worse if you use cheap oil or WD40 instead of wax/teflon lube.
  8. yep, it prob is, i have a scott oiler and i quite often have oil dripping in the side stand area if i have the oiler on a too higher rate.
  9. Maybe chain lube, but Mr Cruisingal says to check to see if you are losing engine oil. If you aren't, you are using cheap shitty lube huh?

    If you are, take the front sprocket cover off and see if it is coming from the counter shaft seal behind the sprocket or your gear change shaft seal.

    Hope it's just chain lube

  10. Could be engine oil leaking out of the shaft that hold the front sproket. Not sure with this bike, cant see where the sproket is in relation to the oil leak.
  11. As cruisingirl has said.
    Could be engine oil leaking out of the shaft that hold the front sproket. Not sure with this bike, cant see where the sproket is in relation to the oil leak.
  12. Thanks for all your input guys! Hope it's just the chainlube... I got my chainlube from Repco, it's the only one they got and the brand is Castrol 'Chain Oil' for motorcycles. I thought they were an okay brand, but then again, I'm just familiar with the name! Are they bad? I'll buy a better one if that's the case.

    Cruisingal, thanks for the advice. It's a bit too dark now, I tried going out there with my torch but it's hard to see. I can confirm that there's no more 'oil' pooling there, and there's no dripping. I thought if it's leaky then it'll just keep dripping? Oh, and considering you also have a GS500....how do you check if you're losing oil? :oops: I'll try doing that!

    Thanks again guys!
  13. You wouldnt be able to see any change in hjow much oil youre losing at that rate... I agree with everyone else, chain lube. Maybe try using a wax'ier dry lube, and wipe off all excess. Make sure its "O" ring friendly if youre using an Oring chain.
    Hope its just chain lube.
  14. If its chain lube it should still have some sticky consisency to it.
  15. Possibly not if it has been ridden in the rain. The lube should repel water, so the water has simply washed away with the muck under the sprocket cover. It should be a little sticky, but not as sticky as lube...
  16. Still no real conclusion, but I'm kind of convinced (and hopeful) that it is chain lube. Definitely not dripping, I'm not seeing any more 'liquid' on there than 2 days ago.

    I'll get better chain lube at a motorcycle shop this weekend then, this Castrol thing isn't cutting it, obviously! (and I need to clean my bike too, by the sounds of it!)

  17. I get this all the time on my GS500 and there's 2 POTENTIAL sources, neither of which stresses me.

    It could be coming off lubing the chain - most likely scenario and as I use white lube now it seems to have stopped.

    The other possibility is a slight weeping of the clutch pushrod seal..... no biggy.

    The only real worry would be a leak of the front sprocket seal.
  18. Grace,

    If you really WANT to know, just unbolt the cover and your gearshift lever. It's probably a good idea for the chain, since it will only do that if there's so much accumulated gunk there that the chain basically runs through a grinding paste of dirt, metal shavings off the chain, and chain lube.
  19. Chain lube is a high probability. When hot it will drip of your bike much the same as oil. It is very different to oil, it will be darker and if you dip your finger it won't have any slippery consistency, will be tacky.
    If you look under your bike you should be able to spot the build up. The points you have illustrated are where the surplus gets 'pushed' so you should see other signs underneath.

    Could also be a bit of grease washout from linkages,
  20. Thanks for the replies, everyone!

    I looked at it over the weekend, and have decided it's definitely not chain lube, consistency wise. I put a piece of paper underneath, and overnight there was ONE drip.

    One of the bolts near the gearshift lever was a bit loose, and oil was around it, so I tightened it up well. I cleaned up the whole area to see if any more leak was happening.

    Tuesday (yesterday) I rode it to work, nothing much happened and I didn't really see any more oil.

    Today I'm noticing oil again. There's definitely something leaking, but not much. I checked the oil level again and it's not showing any changes at all - at least it's not losing much?

    On some part around the gearbox (? sorry not sure what that big box there is called) there are some oil drip (very little) - and they're definitely clean oil. On the part where you can see the little pools of oil (on the first picture) the oil is dirty. I can't figure out where the dirty oil comes from - the part right above it is not dripping at all. Plus, how can one part has clean oil and other dirty?

    Now, it seems that either of this seems likely:

    I looked around and, not knowing which part is what, it's hard to know which part is clutch pushrod seal and which is front sprocket seal. Can someone please post a picture of these parts?

    My service manual is supposed to be on its way (since 2 weeks ago :roll: ) - so I'm not really game to 'play' around until I get it - in case I break something! :LOL: What do you all think?I'm hoping it'll be okay if I wait another couple of weeks or so?

    The silver lining in all this is: I've been wanting to learn to tinker around with machines, and this is the perfect opportunity to do so! :p