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oil mix?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by kyro_02, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. i didn't take this into consideration i've done half a tank of fuel so far i didn't add oil......

    does anyone know for a cbx250 2stroke what the go is how much oil goes in fuel with a full tank ?

  2. Mate. If you think this bike is a 2 stroke you have more problems than we thought.

    Ring your local Honda shop and ask them what type and quantity and exactly how its checked.

    It's an old bike and there will be plenty of different oils suggested so ring the shop. :?
  3. so you saying its not a 2 stroke :S?? i dunno seriously my mate was saying i needed to add oil !! so i come here to ask
  4. You may need to add oil but not in the fuel tank! The CBX is a 4 stroke.

    Its always a great debate on what oil to run and it depends on a lot of things. However do NOT put car oil into most bikes as it will stuff anything that runs a wet clutch. (I think yours is wet) It depends on engine condition and use what the shop will tell you to run in it. I use a full synthetic Mobil 10w - 40 but yours WILL be different.

    You also have a screw in dip stick (RH side) some say to check oil at this screwed in leversome say screwed out lever. These have small sumps and are easly to overfill if checked wrong. Hence ask the shop.

  5. No, no it's not a two stroke engine...

    I'm too lazy to search but didn't you just have this 'serviced'? If so, have a look at the receipt and see if they changed the engine oil.

    You need to stop listening to this mate of yours. :LOL:
  6. go slap ur friend and tell him he is stupid.

    petrol goes in the petrol hole.
    Oil goes in the oil hole

    Unless u have a 2 stroke race bike or older 2 stroke dirt bike. :WStupid:
  7. no i didn't get my bike serviced

    i am still yet to find the oil filler nozzler thingy to add oil (i know how to drain it lol)

    there is like a dipstick screw thing on the RH side what may that be :)?
  8. That is where the oil goes...
  9. Maybe, I've lost my marbles but I thought you had some mobile mechanic replace the leaking head gasket? I'd expect an oil change after that...
  10. Lucky you posted on here before you put oil in the fuel tank. There would have been heaps of blue smoke and you have thought oh crap!
  11. yeah i would of thought too but never the less hehe i just went back to super cheap and exchange for four stroke oil :)
  12. hey guys

    what is the difference (or damage) if i have put 15W-40 oil into an engine that requires 10W-40?

    I had to use my memory the other day when the damn thing conked out and bought & put in 15W-40 into it, then got home & checked my bike info and it said 10W-40.

    I noticed the performance of the bike is a little decreased, is it just a matter of draining the oil out & adding 10W-40 in, or you think it can handle it ok? not sure about the whole temperature thing with different typre of oil...

    The bike is a suzuki across 250

  13. That oil is slightly heavier at cold temps. In your bike you shouldnt notice much if any difference. You may have a little more clutch drag. Really not much difference.

  14. You will do damage to the engine by running it with no oil though.
  15. thanks guys,

    gave it a good warm up this arvo as it felt a bit sluggish to start, then took it for a spin & it ran nicely.

    sorry to take the momentary limelight off the main topic, but felt it was a relevant question to ask.

    have a good one