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Oil Level New Filter k7 gsxr 600

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by RSE, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. Hey Everyone,

    I recently purchased a new k&n oil filter and some oil for my gsxr.. My mate is coming over to help me with the filter but we are both unsure on how much oil we are to put in after we drain all the old oil from the bike..

    It's a 2007 Suzuki gsxr 600.. If anyone could give me a link for the service manual for my bike that would be great..

    Thanks in advance!
  2. doesnt your bike have an oil widow with indicators? You would normally fill it no higher then top indicator, your manual should point out where this is.. oh yeah a slight film on the rubber of the new filter before you screw it on, and hand tight only, no need to 'overtighten' again your manual should say.. and google is your best friend, you cant expect people to do it all for you mate, put some effort in..
  3. Can't see any reason for him not to ask a forum of bike people for some help. Some people feel it a good way to get some real feedback rather than some arbitrary youtube vid or whatever, that's kinda what were about on here no?
  4. I agree fully, but I thought some effort, seemed to me there wasnt 'I looked but could not find'
    I have asked for heaps of help on here, so I know about asking, eventually I got told 'in a nice way' seek and yee shall find, and it does help..
    But yes, tis the right forum for all assistance as asked.
  5. The numbers that you'll find are just guidelines - you need to use the oil window or dipstick to ascertain that you have the right amount. Fill it a little less than the suggested amount, and then top the oil up 100 mls at a time until you're at the right level.

    Also beware that after you've first filled it up, you'll need to run the bike for 20 seconds or so to pull oil through the filter, then top up the level again.

    There will also be a certain procedure to follow to check the level correctly, as seen in the service manual.
  6. I have the same bike and have an electronic copy of the service manual. However it is 50Mb in size.
    PM me your email and I can send it via DropBox - file sharing site.
  7. You may need to run it for longer than that, and let it sit for a short while too. For some reason, the gixxers are finicky with the sight glass level, and the bike needs to be level as well. The quantity always seems to be less than the manual for some reason, its just a pain after you topped it up to the middle to have to take oil out.
  8. Use the volume given in the owners manual as a guide only as you start to get close to putting that much in start checking the dip stick/sight glass and stop when the correct level is reached. Then start the bike and run for a few mins. As the engine fires some of the oil will go towards filling the filter which will cause a drop in the oil level. after a min or two, switch off let stand for a few mins and check the level again and top up as necessary.

    My bike has an low oil pressure warning light and I don't like to run the bike until this has gone off. On my bike I can readily drain the carby bowls so i can do this and actually turn over the engine on the starter without starting until I get oil pressure. The logic for this is that when you first start the bike after an oil filter change oil goes into the empty filter and you don't get full oil pressure immediately.
  9. True that! You fill it, run it, top it up, to return an hour later and find you've well over filled it!

    Saying that though, I dont see any way a bit of overfill is going to hurt the engine. There is an oil pressure regulator at the top of the sump pickup that is going to stop the oil pressure rising above what it supposed to if the level is a bit too high.

    The important thing with GSXR's is to make sure you dont starve it, most of the bearings are friction bearings that rely on the oil to stop them seezing or spinning, even the cam journals have little oil channels to keep them loobed as the engine runs.
  10. Your better to add 2.2 lts first even with a filter..Run it ( dont over rev just enough to build up oil pump presure ) Let it sit ,then level the bike and inspect ,add only 50 to 100mls and check level ..Its alot easyer to add oil than to remove it..
    As for amount alot of bikes have the oil CC stamped in the case eg my RGV has 750CC stamped near the filler or 750ml of oil..
    Ignore the google comment ..And keep asking questions if your stuck, there is nothing wrong with asking and at least its a bit more personal that seaching GOOGLE... HTH