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Oil Leaking

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by tluong, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

    Hey guys!
    Been noticing that i have had some sort of oil leaking onto my exhaust around the left side of the bottom fairing. I ride a 07 GPX. It is quite sticky and viscous. I had something similar happen ages ago but it was fixed at a service. I think it was oil shooting to my airbox or something? (that was what i was told). This problem has started again and my next service is 3000kms away. Would anyone else who have experienced a similar leakage please kindly help me out. I would like to learn more and stop it from happening. Also would anyone know if I have been losing any oils or anything. I checked the levels and they seem to be ok.

    Thanks heaps
  2. Under warranty, go and just get it fixed
  3. Most likely it is just excess chain oil coming off the front sprocket and dripping out from behind the cover. Thats why its sticky and thick.
  4. I'd agree with Hotcam as to the most likely source.

    An '07 bike should not be blowing enough oil into its airbox to cause a visible leak. If it is, it's time to claim on that warranty like Toecutter recommends.
  5. Yep. chain oil,I'm tipping
  6. Hi tluong, not sure if this is similar to what I had with my GS500, but it's around the same area. Mine was a combination of a couple of things: excessive chain lube collecting inside the gearbox cover (resulting in dripping dirty lube), and busted clutch pushrod seal. If you're under warranty this'll all be covered I think!
  7. thanks a lot everyone...really appreciate your advice. I should probably take it easy on the motul chain lube cans. Will definitely get it checked out in a few weeks if it continues.
  8. Remember to spray chain lube when the chain is warm and not cold,

    after 10 - 15 minutes later wipe out the excessive amount. :)
  9. The Kwaka twin has a habit of pumping a small amount of engine oil into the air box. It can't really be fixed. It comes out of the drain tube from the air box.

    If the drain tube opening is local to the problem, then this is what i'd be looking at. Try moving the tube.