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Featured Oil leak while riding - anything I could've done?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by WantFreedom, May 4, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I have a 1995 Honda CB250 I was out riding yesterday morning and around when I was in the Gembrook area I'm in Ferntree Gully so not that far away about 20 odd km's anyway I pulled over just to stretch my legs prior to this I didn't smell anything or notice anything strange coming from the engine.

    I got off my bike and notice smoke coming from the engine I was like WTF and had a look and noticed oil leaking out pretty dam quick and my kickstand covered in oil I guess where its leaking and blowing back onto the underneath of the bike as its covered in oil and will need to be degreased and hosed off I guess.

    The rate the oil was coming out I thought best I try get home so riding home the straightest possible route as didn't want to go around the corners as the back wheel had oil blowing on it and when I went around a corner almost slid out, anyway made it home and some oil was still dripping out and I was like phew atleast I wasn't riding without any oil.

    On closer inspection seems I got a little hole in the casing I'm not sure how maybe a rock flew up and hit it? the roads I where on would be described as ordinary anyway I spoke to Uncle Greg about this he said some metal weld should do the trick so Im going to get JB weld give that a go.

    I have some pictures of the leak and hole my question is if I was say further away from home 100km with oil leaking out at the rate it was what could I have done? or how could I have got home?


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  2. Good work on getting home in once piece.

    Ideally you would pull over and call RACV to put it on the back of a truck to the mechanics.
    If you were stranded I guess you could try to plug it up with a rag, gum or whatever you have in your pockets to slow the leak then keep topping up the oil as you go.

    Like anything, if the oil pressure light comes on or tone of the engine changes...stop immediately
  3. Jb weld is a good tool in the bag for issues like this. It's an epoxy that stands high temps. It needs an hour or so to harden, better overnight
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  4. Curious to see how this turns out. Is it a hole or perhaps gasket failure?

    When is the bike getting looked at?
  5. Getting looked at this week, I dropped it down Saturday said they can have it for the week as I wouldn't be riding it.

    Yeah be interesting to see what they say as the bike still runs fine I rode it down to the bike shop with the oil leaking out without any issues so hopefully nothing major.

    Hopefully I can get an answer to how it may have happened that's what I'm curious about.
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  6. I hope you get good news, mate.

    I'm very interested to see how it turns out.
  7. Ended up being a little more serious than first thought I have blown the crank seal :( but mad biker said it was the original rubber so it's lasted 20 years.

    It's funny that happens around the same time rego due :( $$$$$
  8. What sort of repair $$$ are you up for?
  9. $300 and going to get front brakes down which will take it to about $400
  10. Things come in three this month
    1) bike repairs
    2) rego
    3) go for p's with hart Honda do there day course
    Better make sure I get my p's first time so I don't have to go back lol
  11. The HART licence course IMO, is much more fun then the L's and the test far easier to pass. Points deducted from a perfect score, not just Pass/Fail.

    Just try to get lots of practice leading up to the day, to get your confidence high. Having used them for your L's, you're already familiar with the training environment, bikes and language used. Try to do the test first, so you're not standing around getting nervous, while waiting your turn.