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Oil Leak? Rust? Low kms? Not sure if its worth it..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Osva, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone,

    My brother and I were looking at some bikes tonight. I am interested in a super sport and he wants a cruiser.

    Tonight we looked at 2012 Laro Pro Street 350. The bike is the style that he wants and in his price range. Knowing the brand is a cheaper make, however, being a first bike for a uni student on a budget we thought that may be the best option.

    This bike only had done 600km and has hardly been ridden and hence the reason for sale. My knowledge base is limited, however, spending time on here and reading forums has given me some insight as well as having high knowledge about cars.

    This bike has been under cover but not garaged since purchase. It is located near the beachy area meaning high moisture and salt. Cheaper chinese make means that chrome parts such as mirrors and pedals have got the chrome pealing and rust attacking it.

    What I did not like was the rust forming underneath the fuel tank area as well as on some of the actual frame of the bike. It was not much or scratched, however, being the fact that rust is a disease it is nearly impossible to get rid off from a car without redoing half the paint work. Would bike be the same?

    My concern was also low kms over 3 year period. 600km is barely 200..The guy advised the service was done 2 months ago as a check up but that is about it. Apparently the 500km service was done correctly at the dealer. The chain looked very dry and asking the guy he did not have any clue about it (indicating I am talking to someone with less knowledge than myself).

    At a closer look where the bike is parked I noticed some oil drips on the concrete. The owner advised this was not from the bike but after a closer look on the undercarrage i noticed that is has oil residue and a fair bit of it. I could see slight area between the gear box and engine and more from underneath the covers of the gear box. My guess is leaky gear box? Knowing Laro is known for gearbox problems i was very sceptical.

    The owner did not want to drop the price to what we thought was reasonable without talking to his mechanic to see what the cost would be to repair.

    My question is, is it even worth it? Rust, oil leak, 3 years of no riding, no maintenance and overall poor condition of the bike. If this was a car I would cut the asking price in half. The owner wanted 4k..we said 3k at best thinking that we will need to put in another 500-1000 to repair the bike..

    Stay away or worth considering?

    Thank you!
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    4k for that?!? spend your money on a better option.

    There's one in sunbury for substantially less than that, EDIT ::nm just noticed your in Sydney.

    I'd go a virago baby Honda or even an Aquila over that.

    (hey Hyosung parts are cheap second hand!)
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  3. Walk away...Now.
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  4. It did have a custom exhaust worth $1k (showed the receipt) and the owner was not keen on selling.. according to him if the price is lower than 3k it is better for him to keep it.. He was under the impression that the oil leak was not a major issue..

    We are looking at other models too..just wanted to know if bike oil leak is as bad as the car..
  5. If you aren't mechanically minded and don't get a kick from project work and detailing, I'd stay well away from it. You want to make it to lectures and tutorials, so something that you can rely on would be pretty important, I'd imagine.

    As TheraThera mentioned, you can pick up something nice that has been looked after for $4K, both sport and cruiser. I bought an immaculate 2007 Suzuki Intruder (7000km on the clock) for $4K and will probably sell it for the same. Check it out in the Showcase. :)
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  6. No expert myself, but the Laro's reputation is chronic. Rust and probable gearbox failure as you spotted, and maybe plenty more. When I was scouring Gumtree under 'Cruisers" casually for a couple of months, Laros were a fixture in the listings. Always low very kms, which suggests they're unreliable and probably awful to ride too. And he's asking four grand?? Cheeky bugger.

    I reckon for a cruiser on a budget, consider the Kymco Venox. Full-sized, comfortable, reliable
    and with 28 horses to bring.

    Should be able to pick one up for $2-3K privately. Try Gumtree or BikeSales.

    And good luck.
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  8. 4k should get ya mate onto some sort of Yamaha cruiser.
  9. new exhausts lose value faster than new bikes :) (and i reckon lots of L/P platers learn than on their first bike :p )

    as for oil leak.. it's sorta worse on a bike, as there is less oil to lose before it becomes a problem.
    the fix is "just as easy" for a bike as a car, as long as you can get gaskets... but a "new" bike shouldn't be leaking oil.

    if it was oil dripping from front sprocket (flung off the chain), then pretty normal, but leaks from gearbox = PITA to change, and fairly exxy to get it changed professionally (relative to bike price)
  10. quick look you can get dealer used virago's, Hondas and even a 600 shadow for sub $3500. or he can buy that thing and a pushbike to go with it.
  11. The fact you even considered a Chinese piece of shit with a terrible reputation, that has what appears to be a neglectful owner playing dumb says to me you are noob.

    Listen to the voices of experience here, save your brother alot of headache and pain and walk away. A receipt for a $1k exhaust just says this guys is an idiot, and it is worth $10 now so of little benefit to you.
    You will have trouble selling that heap of shit when the time comes, so don't think you will buy it and if you don't like it just flip it...doesn't work that way with junk!
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  12. and at least dealer bike comes with short term warranty :)
  13. Oh I am definitely a noob haha. But I do know enough to tell that the owner is even a bigger a noob than me. I guess i was thinking about if I was buying a car - advertised for $4000, buy it for $2k and spend some cash fixing it up or driving it and then just dumping it..I can pull the car engine apart and put it back together but a bike is a different story and something that I would not touch (for now)

    There is no way we were going to spend $4k on a bike like that..but I guess my thoughts were that it may be worth fixing. I told him to stay away from the brand but he had his eyes set on price, look, power and weight. I will talk him out of it haha

    Thanks all for your help!
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  14. If he's buying a bike to save money on running costs' (being a student) then any brand other than Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha or Suzuki is going to cause him headaches and more $$$ over the life of the bike.
    I'm sure they look good however the Chinese brands are still way off on their Quality Control.

  15. It's already been said "No, no, NO".

    Heed the advice and take us all out on a weekend bender with the money we've saved you. You'll still be quids in.
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  16. Let the schmuck keep it.
    In 18 months he will have a low klm pile of rust that will cost him $$ to take it to the tip.
  17. motor would be good in a go kart.
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  18. Haha I do like the idea of building a go kart!

    I have relayed the information and he is going to save some extra cash and get something better.

    He has found a Virago 250 in what appears a good condition. Yamaha being on a different scale of quality to the chinese crap - should be a better option.

    The Virago 250 in our price range seems to be around 5-8k kms and around 2007 model. Would a 2007 model be too old? Or are they still just as good? I guess I am thinking the same as a car, the older it is the more it costs to maintain (even with low kms).

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  19. Not worth it. You might make a few hundred by risking thousands. Eedit re the Laro

    The virago is very slow if its the 250
  20. aim for a 600 Honda, or the 650 yammy.