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Oil leak for a couple minutes after riding?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Lachlan56, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    Got my ZZR250 today and I have done a few hours riding, one thing I have noticed, is that after I stop, put the bike on the sidestand, for about 2 minutes, there will be oil dripping onto the ground at quite a consistant rate, forming a small puddle, then it will stop. On the centerstand It doesn't seem to be dripping at all.

    Bike is a 94 with 33,000km

    Ideas? Please don't tell me its something serious
  2. well, it could be serious.
    this could mean there is a possibility that whilst you are in motion, oil may find its way between your rubber and the road. Not to mention, that oil coming out, doesnt replace itself, so unless you are keeping it to the appropriate level, you run the risk of running your engine dry. this would be catastrophic.
    It sounds awfully like a seal somewhere leaking, possibly around the oil filter? or, could be an open-heart surgery main-seal-of-some-description.
    give the motor a thorough clean, and see if you can pinpoint exactly where the leak is coming from. until then, there isnt much we can do for you.
  3. thanks mate, I might do an oil/filter change sometime next week, see if that helps.
  4. Ive just been out doing some more riding, stopping every once in awhile to turn it off, put it on the stand and see if it leaks more oil.

    It seems pretty random, sometimes (probably about 65% of the time) it doesn't leak any, other times it leaks a few drops for 2 minutes. Can't really tell where its coming from but its hitting the ground right around where the sidestand goes down. Anyway I am not too concerned, the bike seems to be working fine and is very fun to ride.

    Just another question, I tried opening the oil tank cap but it would NOT budge. Is there some trick I am missing here?
  5. Mate the sump plug and oil filter is right underneath the engine.
    The filter is internal and has an O ring. I have bought none Kawa filters that came with the wrong size O ring. If all is tight underneath I'll bet thats what the problem is (wrong ones were to big)

    Have a look under and see where the oil is coming from. If its from a plate about 100mm dia its the filter. Sump plug is the normal 16mm? bolt next to the filter.

    Oil filler cap should unscrew counter clockwise. Use pliers if you have to but some clown has done it up to tight. It also should have an O ring seal.
  6. Gday Mate, im just down at Glenmore park near penrith if you want to bring it down the hill for a ride ill take a good look at it for you and let you know where the leak is from etc . I will pm you my adress and mob number if you want to take me up on said offer call me .

    Cheers Bob
  7. onya bob!

    lachlan, you'd be crazy to pass up on this offer.
  8. It is a very nice offer indeed and I would like to take bob up on it, I just need to wait until I have the confidence to ride down to glenmore park. Yesterday and today I have just been riding around my town several times.

    Anyone here ride out to the hawksberry lookout this weekend? Ive been out there half a dozen times in the last 2 days and there has ALWAYS been other bikers there. This weekend has been great weather for riding.

    In regards to the oil leak, I haven't noticed it the last couple times I have stopped riding, will keep an eye on it though.

    Had my first drop today lol. It was the lamest thing ever, I was turning the bike around on my front lawn, trying to back it up a bit of a slope (which was impossible) anyway, lost balance and fell over crushing one of mums plants lol. The bike didn't have a mark on it (thanks to the grass) but my poor big toe is black now.....makes shifting gears painfull (didn't stop me riding later on but) :p
  9. probably an o ring or something. happened to me on my old bike. the oil only leaked when it was hot and trickled down to the lowest point to drip off. when the sidestand is down thats where the lowest point is. once it cools the oil stops dripping. do you get any oil drops on your boots?
    from memory mine was from when a faulty neutral switch was replaced and the mechanic didn't put the o ring in properly.
  10. Output shfat oil seal. Had to replace one of these when i bought my bike. Only leaks from there when its on an angle. So like you said it shouldnt leak on the centrestand, which leads me to think its the output shfat oil seal.*

    * Its the seal behind the front sproket. So you'd need to take the chain gaurd and sproket off to see if its leaking from there.

    Just my suggestion on what it could be.

    Oh by the way nice name. LOKi = Lachlan.
  11. Is it safe to assume that most leaks, while ideally you would want them fixed, are not a major problem provided you keep the oil topped up?

    And yes, Lachlan is a good name :)
  12. I've just recently done a oil/filter change on a ZZR250, and www.ninja250.org has some great info to get yourself more knowledgeable about the bike and in this case oil. As it is leaking make sure you have enough oil still in the bike (how to check) and this is how to change it. Look under the bike, wipe it all clean, and check if it is leaking from either the drain bolt or the oil filter.

  13. Yea but its a nuisance dont you find?

    If it is what i think it is, its a 10 dollar part and you can replace it yourself if you have any sort of mechanical aptitude. I can give you some pointers if you need it.

    Also oil isnt cheap enough to have to keep filling it up. Well atleast for me!

    There is always the possibility though that you just have a bad seal between the sump and the plug or various other places as for mentioned. Just have a quick look around the bike and see if you can find where the leak is coming from. It's more than likely the output shaft oil seal if you can really see where the leak is originating from as it hidden behind the front sproket and cover.