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Oil in the airbox

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, May 7, 2006.

  1. Guys

    Thought I'd have a squiz at how the ol' air filter's looking while I was farting about working on some bits and pieces on the Hornet.

    I noticed a bit of oil in the bottom of the airbox. I've heard this is nothing to worry about, but can anyone confirm?

    I don't remember noticing anything in there last time I opened the thing up (6 months or so ago)
  2. I get this in my airbox sometimes as well Loz and from what i've been told its nothing to worry about. Its just oil thats been forced in there after hard acceleration. Its a good indicator that you've been fanging about! Just use the airbox drain (small tube behind one of your foot pegs) and away you go.

    N.B not too sure about the position of the drain tube on the CB900F but i'm just assuming its in the same spot on most bikes.

  3. Many high performance bikes use oil in the airbox to improve performance. If you were running pure oxygen, it wouldn't be necessary. But, because our bikes draw a mixture of gases - mainly nitrogen and oxygen but a bit of carbon dioxide, argon, krypton - oil is needed to lubricate some of the stickier molecules and improve flow through the carburettor or injector.

    Volatile aromatics are the worst and need the most oil. Ever noticed how a fart seems to follow you around? That's because fart molecules are inherently sticky. Without oil in the airbox, your bike would stall at places like the rendering plant on the ring road, or the vegemite factory near the Westgate. The volatile aromatics would build up around your jets and injectors, blocking the flow of oxygen and causing a very rich mixture. As your grandmother knew, a dose of oil (castor, or cod-liver) would loosen up those aromatics and...well..blow them out your exhaust.

    In the old days before airbox oil was available, we'd use the same trick you use in the dunny today - light a match and hold it in the airbox. Mostly, this would result in a cleaner-running engine. Sometimes it would result in third-degree burns.

    Be sure to change your airbox oil regularly. Use a good quality essential oil - rose or sandlewood are good - and you'll find that the buildup of aromatics in your fuel system stops immediately. Don't use "Fish Oil" or "Fisholene" because these actually add aromatics of their own.

    There you go. Check your airbox oil regularly, use a quality airbox oil and your bike will run just sweet.
  4. Loz, have you checked your crankcase breather? If this is blocked it can sometimes cause oil in the airbox. Then again maybe you have just been fanging about as blue_muppet said.
  5. Chairman wrote

    Hahaha GOLD rofl: :rofl:
    I thought that was because they got caught in my boxers :LOL:

    But seriously, I didn't know you were actually ment to have oil in there. Are you saying we should put some sweet smelling oil like sandlewood IN our airbox to make our bike run better??

    Or was that entire post just taking the piss and did I completely miss it?? Sorry but its been a long hard day of neuroanatomy study ](*,) ](*,)
  6. Yes - I was taking the piss. Don't put oil in the airbox :)
  7. LMAO @ Mark as always... You funny funny bastard. You can blow that whole post out your exhaust mate! :LOL:


    I checked the crankcase breather tube and there's only a bit in there, not even worth emptying.

    So I guess if it's a sign of good hard acceleration I'm guilty as charged, I do tend to get on the throttle a bit.

    I guess at least I can ride safely past the vegemite factory now...
  8. Hahaha damn you for taking advantage of my decreased brain function! Oh well, it made for a funny read anyway and for while I actually thought you were for real.
  9. Loz, the 9R's air box has always had at least a light smear of oil. The air box is connected to the crank case and blow back will push some oil laden vapour/mist into the air box. It's an anti pollution thing.

    It's not a drama unless there's a lot of oil which could then foul the plugs.

    Keep pulling those mono's bro.


  10. Chairman, As always, you are a wealth of knowledge and your analogies are fantastic (you are also full of shit, but I think we all knew that :grin:)

  11. 6 months ago you were doign crap wheelies. Now your doing non-crap wheelies .. connection? :wink: