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Oil goo, tar coming from chain

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by NinjaKid, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,
    So after about 50km riding, i notice theres this oil goo, dripping down from the front sprocket of my ninja 250r, is this normal?, its like those oil goo that sticks just under the engine like tar and chain guard, ill try to take pics soon, i wash my bike and lube my chain every week, and i travel around 230km a week, is it because i applied too much lube? I just applied 2 turns of lube, and im using the motul road lube
    Thanks guys

  2. if it is only around the front sproket then yeah its probably just excess lube
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  3. Take off the front sprocket cover and clean all the gunk out.

    May also be a bit too much lube, you really don't need much - but judging by the condition you got the bike it'll be due for some cleaning.
  4. Been there...whats this grey gooey oil stuff over the bottom of the bike!
    Behind my front sprocket cover was almost cemented in the stuff.

    When you clean the chain with Kero, take the cover off and immerse it in it as-well for 20 minutes.
  5. Lubing each 230km is far more than necessary, save yourself some time and money.
    Get your chain nice and warm when you do it too.
  6. Some chain lubes are messier then others.
  7. Sounds like a little too much chain lube. Apart from the mess it makes, it won't do your chain and sprockets any harm. But if they are too dry, that will wear them out faster. I just cleaned that stuff out of my front sprocket cover. Now go a little longer between lubing the chain.
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  8. Thanks to NR and you tube. Been doing my chain with a toothbrush like a Neanderthal. I tried motul clean and chain lube this week, together with the chain brush... F*ing yay. I used to use castrol prior to this and seems that motul is much lighter. I apply motul road chain lube, which is the red one. Does anyone know what's the difference between the red one and yellow chain lube from motul? The chain is now crystal clear and lubed, like new. Can't believe mine used to be like German panther tank :)
  9. There's a variety of products and variants out there. Some are intended for street use, some for dirt, some for only single rides (racing/dirt). Find one that suits what and where you ride.
    As for how often, a little often is the best way. Too much is messy, too little accelerates wear. Some people put a little squirt onto each o-ring area after every ride ... LITTLE being the operative word, and then give the chain a quick wipe with a rag. Do NOT do this with the engine running! Turn the wheel by hand.
  10. Does it come out more when the engine is hot? Probably buildup under the front sprocket that sometimes slowly gathers. Pull the cover off and clean it out with kero/wd40 then pay it no more mind till it reappears. My gs500 did it, was very relieved to find it wasn't a leaky gear shaft seal.