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Oil filters

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Nath0, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone knows about the k&n oil filters and if they're any good? Or should I stick with the oem stuff? I just picked up an 06 gsxr 600.

  2. I use the K&N for the simple reason on the yamaha is in a prick of a spot and its got a hex head on the end you can get a spanner onto.

    As for the filtering ability unless your cutting your filters open you have no real idea what the difference is.
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  3. Just wasn't sure if people had any problems with them, thanks for that!
  4. K&N are a pretty reputable brand.
    Just be careful if you're buying them on-line as there are some knock-offs (copies) around which aren't so good and you won't know how bad until you fry a piston from oil starvation.
    So long as you're getting them from a reputable supplier, you're good to go.

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  5. Yeah good point! Thanks!
  6. Buying from a shop in Australia there is only a few bucks difference between them all.
  7. Check out HIFLO RACING oil filters.HIFLO make a lot of OEM filters. I used to use K&N because of the nut which were made in Korea ,but according to a Kawasaki concourse forum they are now made in China.
    The HIFLO RACING FILTER has superior components designed and tested for extended servicing, have the nut the same as the K&N. Below is an email I received from them:

    Hello Robert,

    The tri-fibre media which we use in our RC range is produced by Ahlstrom in Sweden and was developed originally to provide superior filtration performance and allow manufacturers to extend service intervals. In certain automotive applications this particular media is tested and confirmed as suitable for 20,000km and greater service intervals.

    We always recommend that the bike manufacturer`s service schedule should be adhered to. Our Hiflofiltro HF303RC is a suitable replacement for Kawasaki 16097-0008 as used on the GTR1400 and should be replaced at the recommended intervals.

    I hope this is helpful and thank you for using Hiflofiltro.


    Jim Irwin
    Bike Alert Plc
    30 Optima Park
    Thames Road
    Crayford, Kent, DA1 4QX
    Email: jim.irwin@bikealert.com
    T: +44 (0) 1322 526 236
    F: +44 (0) 1322 528 487
  8. I have used HIFLO filters on all my bikes, they are a good replacement.
    No problems at all after many km, and the oil pressure is always good.
  9. +1 to lupin, The hex nut makes putting them one and off a breeze, am on to my second with no complaints
  10. Another option I have just discovered is ryco now have a range of motorcycle filters. Their website is rycomoto.com.au. I picked up one for my hornet from bursons for $16. Unfortunately they don't have a nut on the end.
  11. Nothing wrong with them, they are a reputable brand and have a big presence.
    For most bikes I find OEM very similar priced to K&N once you include postage.
  12. I used to use K&N on my 1250 Bandit until I changed to Arrow Headers. Now I can't get the K&N to fit as the new headers hug the motor a fraction more than the OEM exhaust and the hex nut stops the filter from screwing on, so back to Suzuki filters.
  13. I have been using the K&N filters on my Strom. No issues. The hex end is a nice convenience. I get mine from England for less than I can get it here in Auz even including postage.
    I also run an upgraded magnetic sump plug and magnets on the filter itself, but that's just my personal paranoia.
  14. I've had two K and N oil filters for my car, both of them leaked from the removal nut.

    They're a good brand but the ones with the nut on them are horrible.
  15. I use the KN-303's with the nut and have never had one leak.
  16. The one I use on my bike also has the nut on it, no issues. Would be easy to over tighten and damage it if not careful though.
  17. I use Tokyo Roki filters
    Japanese build and OEM on Mazda and Subaru and used to be OEM for Suzuki motorcycles
    $14 for 2 delivered on ebay

    I do them up by hand and remove by hand, same as on my car, never had an issue with leaks or one falling off.