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Oil filter

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ozfz6nguy, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. How long should it take to remove an oil filter?

    I replaced my oil and filter yesterday, it took me and my neighbour about 2 hours to get the thing off!!

    I had purchased the filter removal tool, all it would do was slip over the filter every time I went to turn it. I tried putting a layer of plastic then cloth then electrical tape between the tool and filter, all to no avail as it still slipped.

    Then we tried putting a dent in the top corner of the filter to allow so leverage to get the thing off, all this did was cause the filter side wall to tear.

    After removing all of the metal from around the side of the filter and all of the filter material inside we were left with the metal base.

    It took about 30 mins of holding a screw driver on an angle in one of the smaller holes that are around the large central hole and hitting it with a hammer. Finally the thing budged, about 0.1mm at a time. finally after us both having several goes at it it begins to loosen up.

    I tried to clean up around behind where the filter goes as much as possible to prevent the possibility of metal shards remaining in the system. There didnt seem to be anything left behind, but best to be careful I guess.

    This is the first time I have tried to remove the oil filter, but I don't think this is normal. What could have caused the filter to seize like this? The last time it was changed it was done at the dealer where I purchased the motorcycle.
  2. Just out of curiosity....

    1. What type of bike

    2. Was the thread damaged on either the old oil filter or on the bike

    3. Seems like it may have been overtightened

    4. There are special tool for removing oil filters for road bikes.... Quite similar to a car oil filter

    5. Goto the owners manual and check out what it says about oil filter type as it is quite possible the people that serviced it may have put the wrong type on

    Hope some of this helps
  3. 1) 2004 Yamaha FZ6N (about 16000km's)

    2) It didnt appear so, i didnt inspect it too closely, just gave it a bit of a clean

    3) That was my original thought, would not oiling the seal also cause this?

    4) Yeh i got the one that is sort of a cup that sits over the end of the filter, a socket wrench just plugs in to turn it

    5) I had it serviced at the dealer that sold the bike, uses the same filter as the r1 and r6 and various others so would be hard (not impossible) to get the wrong one.

    My only thoughts are:
    a) over tightened
    b) seal not oiled when applied
    c) its been about 5 or 6 thousand k's since last service, could the seal deteriorate due to time and or excessive heat?
  4. I go for #1

    Some mechanics tighten everyting until their elbow clicks and then a quarter of a turn more (torque wrench? what's a torque wrench?)

    Even if the seal wasn't oiled it should have come undone easier than that if it was only done 5-6 thou ago

    No, the seal would not deteriorate in that time.

    Consider that it may have been cross-threaded. Even though it's a pain, I'd be removing the filter again and very carefully examining the thread.
  5. Get yourself a torque wrench & the proper oil filter socket. When you put the filter back on tighten it up to the recommended torque. You will find this is about 3/5ths of b@gger all. Won't leak & the next time it will come off easy as.