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Oil Filter - W/Shop Manual

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by FOB, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. Repeat request (I am new at this game)

    Any body able to help with the Part number for replacement oil filter (sic Ryco ) to suit 2000 Model Yamaha XJR1300. I am also looking for a workshop manual, same same bike (new or used no matter)
  2. The manual you should be able to get from

    Wheels of Time
    10 Clow St, Dandenong
    PH 9792 3944

    part number will be in the book, otherwise ring a Yahaha (or as Monkey Boy says..........Yamarcka) dealer

    Cheers 8)
  3. Ring Brian or Max at BikeMart/ Ringwood. 9879 5822
    I'm sure there are aftermarket filters (Ryco doesn't make bike-stuff) for the XJR in the HiFlo-Filter range.
  4. try www.hiflofiltro.com ( english ) or wwwk&n.com ( USA ) I used K&N on my ZX9R and have found that they are a good filter but Hiflo are good as well
  5. Oil Filter

    I have always got my own parts from Repco for my cage - It's always cheaper than the mechanics price.
    And i change my own oil and filter so i doubt a bike would be that much harder...

    So can someone tell me where to get aftermarket (not genuine) parts for your bike? Things like oil filters and engine oil ?
  6. Some of you must do your own minor servicing?
    Where do you buy your oil & parts from ?
  7. Any of the bike shops that have a service shop will probably have the parts. I get oil, filters, plugs etc for my CB250 from New World Honda in Berwick. If you can try finding a dealer that's specific to your bike, more likely to stock the parts.
  8. the mechanics that I regularly go to for parts don't keep many parts in stock but will get them within 1 day of asking for them. 2 days at most.

    I presume most mechanics and bike shops will do the same. I have been told by some of the larger bike shops that a certain part will take 4-5 days to get, but go to my small regular shop and they seem to be able to get them in a much shorter time frame and cheaper. So call around.
  9. Any Bike Shop..or...
    Bike Mart Ringwood, who've got the whole range of aftermarket stuff.
  10. on their site
    Ryco list a part for the Yammy...Z444 oil filter
    maybe give their Cust service a call...1800 804 541
    or email - rycoservice@gud.com.au to confirm

  11. Go to the NZ Ryco site.They display an interchangebility chart.
    For example, I have a Triumph ST Sprint, genuine part number is T1210444 for the oil filter .
    It uses the same filter as a VTR1000 Honda.
    This filter is interchangeble with Ford and Mazda car filters Z411 in Ryco.
    However the Ryco filter is too fat and will not screw into the sump surrounds!
    However if you buy the same filter in the "Cooper" brand part number 1041 it spins on like a dream.
    It costs $3.80 with a trade order and not $25.00 as from Triumph.

    The oil on the otherhand, I use German FUCHS Oil.$23.80 for 5 litres of semi synthetic and well above Triumph's specification level.
    Triumph specify Mobil 1 at $65.00 for 4 litres.
    Work out the savings over a period of time.
    They are massive!
    Also to change the oil properly on a bike only takes 10 minutes max!
    Plus the good news is ,is that my bikes get plenty of good quality fresh oil and new filters every change and regular servicing ....because I can afford to do it by not allowing myself to get ripped off....
  12. lol... Hond VFR750, Kawasaki zzr600, Yamaha YZF600 and possibly more bikes share thesame oil filters... Genuane filters cost $22- $33, after market cost $12-$18 (I use them) but I descovered you can use a Z411 Ryco!!!

    GO the Z411!! how many other bikes will it fit??
  13. Lord tb,contact "Parts Ulimited" at Oakleigh for a red hot deal on your filters.That is where i got mine when they were based in the city!

  14. Top Gear in Frankston, although next time I'll be trying Mornington Motorcycles (Tyabb Rd, not Mornington Honda). It's $14-15 for a genuine filter from Top Gear tho... just might drop into Mornington because it's closer, and Top Gear gave me a lame major service. :p
  15. supposedly, because of the differing flow rates and pressures, filters with inbuilt relief valves are not generally interchangable, even if they physically fit. Where the relief valve is part of the bike, i have no problems with using unbranded car filters