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Oil filter removal

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Jeimbo, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Gday

    Changing the oil and filter on the 1200 Bandit this weekend but can't work out how to get the filter off unless I can get a removal tool smaller than my car one.

    What do you guys use for these external canister types?

  2. use your hands
    or clean the filter and get one of those squidgy type jar openers

    theyr only suppsoe to be hand tight
  3. Spose to be hand tight :LOL: depends on how long the old one has been on and how it was installed.

    There are a few options , a belt type filter remover or if your 100% sure you have the right replacement filter. Belt a screwdriver through the end 1/3 of it and twist it out . [ The 1/3 that is furthest from the engine ]

    Ps: the screwdriver option is VERY messy :LOL:
  4. I've used the 'screwdriver through it' method before... even pro mechanics have to sometimes if the filter is stuck on too tight.

    Make sure you put a little engine oil on the o-ring before installing the new filter, should make it easy to undo next time.
  5. I either use a clamp on type (like a bigger version of self grip pliers) or I tighten a hose clamp round it and tap it loose with a dead blow hammer.
  6. I got sick of the old over centre strap type fliter spanner the other day and bought a cheapo self adjusting one from Stoopid cheep. I bought it because I needed something I could snake up under a car and use a ratchet handle and extension to get undone, but I'll be damned if it isn't a great little tool! It'll probably last quite well too, not a super high load sort of tool, and it's pretty solid.
    Basically it works on a cam principle, and the more load you put on the tool, the tighter the arms draw in.
    Sometimes Stoopid cheep can surprise you.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. I have a seel band oil filter tool and did my first oil change on my new hornet on the weekend.

    The bike only had 190km on it, but I think Honda must have used an air ratchet tool at assembly, 'cause I have NEVER had such a tight filter!

    In the end , after leaving it in frustration and after consuming a few beers, I resorted to getting a pair of vice grips and over tightening the strap oil filter tool and giving that a whack!!

    After about three hits she loosened....................I was considering the screwdriver method, but I couldn't come at that on a brand new bike!!

    Should be good now

  8. I bought exactly the same tool from Supercheap about a year ago, and it's one of my favorite tools. It just works, and it works well. Have never had any problem with oil filters since.
  9. Yeah the suzuki filter behind the headers is a biatch. Use the screw driver through method to get the existing one out, then get a K&N filter with the nut on the front for the future.
  10. I've just installed a K&N, what other brands have the nut on the front? It's a great idea.
  11. none that I know of. the funny thing is they are actually a couple of dollars cheaper then the standard after market ones you get.

  12. Good man - just what I need.

    I concur with Jeff K that I can't go mangling things on a new bike (a la scrwdriver through the filter even if it is a consumable)