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oil filter R1

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by GMAN, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. hi there,
    a mate of mine,his oil filter literally burst wen he turnede his bike on,oil everywhere it was tightened cos i was with him when he done the filter,any idea whats this due to??? has it done damage to the bike??? :(

  2. :shock:

    That's a new one!
  3. It's a Yamahahahahahahaha.......................
  4. Did the Oil Filter burst or just the 'O'Ring ?

    If it was just the 'O' Ring this is a symptom of over tightening and distorting the O ring.

    If it burst that is a new one to me as well, there shouldn't be any damage to the engine as long as it was shut down quickly ? :)
  5. I have never known one of these to go off. Checking the MV now. . . . . . . It's ok. The moral of the story is don't buy a jap bike. Get a good reliable Hyosung.
  6. How long since the oil filter was changed? What oil is he using and how long has it been in there? Perhaps the return valve was blocked or something.

    It is very unusual. Perhaps the filter was damaged by tightening too much
    during installation as I can't imagine the pump putting out that much
    pressure even if the return valve was blocked. Could be faulty manufacture
    of the oil filter too.

    Stick a new oil filter on to correct torque specs, and some new oil, and
    see hows you goes.
  7. My suspicion would be that the the oil pressure relief valve has somehow stuck closed & the oil filter has received the full 50+ lbs of oil pressure. Something they are not really designed for :LOL: :LOL:
    As hotcam suggested -try again & if the same thing happens it's time to go looking for the relief valve.
  8. You DID change the o-ring seal when you put the new one in yeah?
  9. oil

    :( well i will pass onto my mate all the feedback provided,thanks guys