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Oil Filter Options...

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ChrisBurke, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    Just a quick note to see what knowledge people have of oil filters.

    Can anyone tell me what brands they know of/use, where they would go to get one, etc etc - anything you can think of.

    I know most of us just walk into the bike shop and say Ill take an oil filter for XX bike and never worry too much about the brand etc - but are we buying OEM ones? or aftermarket ones? If so, which brands etc.

    Any info would be great :)

  2. Hi Chris,

    I haven't been up your way yet, but your website looks interesting.

    Traditionally I've always gone for the cheaper option, unless OE is a similar price (I have known it to be cheaper!).
    As I changed my filters regularly (every oil change, as they aren't that expensive to buy) I didn't see the need to buy anything specific or fancy.

    Now however, as I live in an apartment block which has strict rules regarding 'home mechanics' & vehicle servicing, I need to rely on dealers a lot more, so I tend to leave it to them.
  3. Yamaha bike = Yamaha oil filter.
    Repco didn't make one that i could find to suit my bike... and after being given the wrong one the first time... i couldn't be bothered searching harder.
  4. To be honest, I use the OEM Suzuki one which I get from my 'local' dealer.

    But 90% of the reason for me making that choice, is that Im not aware of any options... Does that mean that everyone uses OEM filters because they simply cant get anything else??
  5. Perhaps, but then an oil filter isn't something that I tend to find that exciting.
  6. Hehe neither do I...

    But in a roundabout way Im trying to illustrate a point that often we buy stuff becaus we dont have any options/or dont know any better...

    So... Is there anyone else out there who DOES know of any oil filter brands/options?

    Nearly 100 people have viewed this thread (when I wrote this) and no one has come up with a single aftermarket oil filter brand!
  7. K&N:


    this is also an interesting read:

  8. Hi-Flo filters for all bikes I can get them for (most) for the last 5 years.
    BikeMart Ringwood and most bike dealers.
    John Stamnas / Qld is also bringing in a range of oilfilters/ brand unknown to me...
  9. Absolutely!
    I'd say that the lack of options (or rather the lack of knowledge that there are options) plays a BIG part in our choice of purchase.
  10. Check out The "Cooper" brand.
    They are OEM supliers to the automotive industry and manufactured in Korea.
    You will need to do your home work regarding inter changebility though.
    $3.80 for filters for my ST Sprint with a trade order is a great deal compared to $28.00 for the genuine article.
    There is more filter material in the non-genuine item! I have done the checks!
  11. Cant find anything about 'Cooper' brand... Have you any distributor details?
  12. There is a choice, all be it limited. Whenever I read an article on oil filters, and the performance of X brand over Y, I know it is always brands that I either don't know or cannot get hold of. Australian motorcycle market is such a small percentage of the world market and many importers severly limit what they bring in to make their business profitable. Go to the USA and I would be sooo lost by the level of avaliable choices!!!! To buy many things I have to go to the net and buy online as I cannot get some things from any shops over here. By the time I take into account the delay, frieght, etc, etc, etc, it is no longer any better in price than local. For me I often stick with OEM, and deffinitly put on an OEM if your bike is going in for a warantee claim :)

  13. Oil Filters

    Chris City Parts are distributors for Coopers filters. :wink:

    You will need to go in on the Ryco filter interrchangebility part of GUD manufacturings web site. :wink:

    Also check out the interrchangebility on the Ryco/GUD web site in New Zealand. :idea:
    I got my filters for the Triumph after I found out that they are the same Ryco part number as Honda use on the VFR1000's .
    You may even need to measure the dimesions of your filter.
    Make sure that the flow rate is comparable by checking the number and size of holes in the top of the filter that you are using now.
    If you are using the paper filament type you are laughing! : :D
  14. Hi T2, could you post the part no. for other Sprint riders? What year is yours?

    I found the part no. for the VF1000R on the ryco site (Z79A) but can't see how you discovered the match with the Sprint filter ... from the OEM part no.? (Edit: hmm, tried entering it from the fiche, no luck with Ryco).

    And I drew a blank googling on Chris city parts


    (Edit: www.noelsautoparts.com.au stock Fram filters for the Sprint and S3 but they haven't had a good press).
  15. A friend of my fathers used to use small car filters on his bike..had no problems that i ever heard abouts
  17. Thanks T2. Mine's an '04 Sprint under warranty so I'll take your advice and stick with the OEM.

    Edit: just been advised by Ryco that the Z445 will fit an 04 Sprint.
  18. Okay stick with the OEM stuff for the time being then....However...
    The Cooper filters are OEM spec for FORD and MAZDA cars and commercials though!Please don't thing for a second that they are non name rubbish. :D
    It's $4000 to rebuild one of our Triumph tripples ,so I would'nt risk putting substandard crapp near my motor for a second!!! :twisted:

    When we meet again I will give you one of the Cooper filters.

    You will also need to buy from Triumph one of their now obsolete filter removing ring spanners[the big type] for about $20.00 to srew on and off the filters.[Doug at Peter Stevens in Elizabeth Street still has them in stock], buy one for a rainy day..... 8)

    You can also but "FUCHS" Titan semi synthetic oil from City parts for about $22.00 for 5 litres versus the $65.00 for 4 litres of Mobil 1, that Triumph recommend! :LOL:
    I didmy home work thoroughly on that front too and found that the "FUCHS" oil far exceeds Triumph's own recomendations. :wink:

    Here is why I did the exercise
    Genuine filter $28.00
    Mobil 1 $65.00
    Total $93.00

    Cooper filter $ 3.80
    "FUCHS"4l $17.60
    Total $21.40

    Change oil and filter every 5,000 kilometres
    over 100,000 kms equals changes, at a saving of $71.60 perchange will save you a total of $1,432.00. :idea:
    Plus your bike will love you because it has always had fresh oil and filters, if you so decide to keep it that long....And I do ! :idea:
  19. Thanks T2 , appreciate it.

    (See the Edit to my msg, from Ryco btw)