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Oil filter on zzr250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Mitchell-in-man, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. Could someone please tell me where on a zzr250 the oil filter is??? I have looked but i had no luck!!!

  2. Probably inside the sump, inside a round cover under the bottom of the bike.
    I don't think this bike uses the type of filter that is a cartridge on the outside.
  3. Spot on. Its under the engine, inside, under a round cover with one big bolt in the middle of it. The filter is a 'naked' type.
  4. Thanks guys that was a great help!! Saves me paying to get it done :D
  5. Yeah, it's such a simple set-up:

    Put bike up on centre stand.

    Warm it up a little (makes the oil flow easier).

    Undo sump plug and drop the oil.

    Undo the filter cover bolt. The whole assembly (bolt, cover and filter) will drop out.

    Throw out old filter.

    Don't lose the spring.

    Pop bolt out of cover.

    Remove large o-ring from inside edge of cover.

    Remove small o-ring from bolt.

    Replace o-rings with new ones (if you buy an HF-401, it comes with new rings).

    Reassemble entire unit.

    Bolt back in.

    Put sump plug back in (DON'T OVER TIGHTEN!!)

    Fill with good stuff and you're away! :grin:
  6. Or the washer on the end of it[/quote]
  7. Into the oil pan (or suitable container) you've placed under the hole...
  8. Thanks, Hotcam, forgot about the washer. :grin:

    Nice one, Bonkers! :LOL:
  9. Guys another Problem!!!

    i went to replace the oil filter and oil!! but as i was draining the oil from the sump plug i noticed that there was fuel coming out as well as oil!!!

    i was told that the carbs are messed up because the fuel is going straing through he carbs and down the cylinders!! and they either need re balancing or need a service!!!

    has anyone ever experienced this??

    is it Major?
  10. Re: Guys another Problem!!!


    Hope not, for your sake! :wink: