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Oil Filter O-ring replacement

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by CharlieBrown, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. Just changed the oil over on my bike and started it up and oil started pissing out the bottom. I drained it again and had a look at the o-ring and it seems to be damaged.

    Does anybody know where to get o-rings? Can i use any o-ring and how do i know what size to get?

    I ride a ZZR250 '80

    Thanks Guys,

  2. When you buy a new filter, they come with a set of suitable O-rings. I assume that you didn't change the filter? If not, why not put a new filter in there at a cost of about $12 I think, and get the o-rings free? :wink:
  3. that a fact eh! Cheers mate, looks like ill be doing a trip to the city then.
  4. Hmm yeah, NEVER do an oil change without a filter :roll:
  5. hey,

    if you didnt touch the oil filter during the oil change, and if it wasnt leaking before, technically it shouldnt be leaking - meaning it's probably not the o-ring.

    i suspect that you didnt replace the 'crush washer' (soft metal washer)- and the oil itself is leaking from the sump. hopefully you havnt ruined your sump threads which is often caused by over tightening the sump plug... get it checked out if you are not too sure.

    Having said that, it doesnt hurt to change your filter on each oil change. Be aware, an aftermarket filter only comes with the filter - if you can, find one that comes with the new o-rings, or just stick to a genuine part (i dont know if this is the case for all manufacturers, but it is for my bike - 89 honda CBR).
  6. I went and repaced the oil filter as well as the ring. The oil now is a clear as day in the level and the bike doesn't piss oil when I start it up.

    I just realised a slow leak this morning which is probably coming from the crush washer as biceps suggested. Havn't been using a tourque wrench as yet but have ben careful not to be excessive when tightning the bolts. Will be getting one soon though.

    I bought a genuine kawasaki part and the o-ring had to be bought seperatly. Maybe just a Kawasaki thing but the o-ring itself cost seven bucks wich I thought was a bit excessesive for an o-ring. Filter was about $14.

    Thanks Guys.
  7. Hmmm, that's one expensive o-ring. The Hi-Flow filters come with a set of rings, as does the filter I picked up the other day for $13 (Meiwa brand).